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Welcoming our new CEO – Ross Moser

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Today, I am absolutely thrilled to announce Clearbit’s new CEO, Ross Moser. Ross comes to Clearbit after an incredible run at SurveyMonkey. He is that rare combination of both a product and go-to-market leader...  Read more

Clearbit for HubSpot

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Clearbit for HubSpot is now one of our most powerful, premium integrations. Make more out of your inbound marketing and sales efforts to generate, convert, and close more high-quality leads.  Read more

Searching for healthier revenue — the process behind Clearbit's new ideal customer profile

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Creating an effective ideal customer profile depends on how you define "ideal". See the thought process and analysis behind how we re-defined our ICP and why.  Read more

The Six Pillars of Clearbit – with The Twenty Minute VC

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Alex, our CEO, sat down with Harry Stebbings of The 20 Minute VC to chat investors, management, feedback, and the six pillars behind Clearbit. Check out the episode here. We've reprinted the six pillars Alex's mentions below: The six pillars We believe that given the right conditions, 'work' can be  Read more

Defining Clearbit's company values

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Values provide a constitution for your company culture, a true rubric that helps you hire, fire, promote, retain, and celebrate your team. Here's how Clearbit came up with its company values.  Read more