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Introducing Reveal for Dynamic Web Personalization

Featuresby Amit Vasudev on April 06, 2017

> Marketing would be so easy if my site visitors just knew exactly what to read, where to click, how to signup/purchase…. Easier said than done. Prospects have found your website and you want to point them towards the best information or solution designed for their needs. But you have so many products, case studies, resources, pricing options…. it can be overwhelming and challenging for your buyer to know where to even look, let alone engage. However – there's hope! Reveal [https://clearbit.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate by Identifying Anonymous Web Traffic

Marketing & Growthby Amit Vasudev on March 16, 2017

For the most part, you only understand who your customers & prospects are after they self-identify. You might have some information from lead generation content, but most of the visitors on your site are just traffic. B2B companies invest millions in demand gen and then instantly lose visibility into how buyers actually engage with their site, content, and products. This leads to missed conversions, poor marketing attribution, and the same digital experience for your inherently unique visitors

Dig deeper with these powerful new Company API attributes

Featuresby Amit Vasudev on March 01, 2016

We’re constantly striving to make Clearbit a better, more reliable product for the hundreds of businesses that use our APIs. This effort involves adding data sources, machine-learning algorithms, and other behind-the-scene improvements, as well as expanding upon the data our APIs return. Here are a few attributes we’ve recently added, and a bit about how you might use them. (See a full list of Company API attributes [] and go to y

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