All new Clearbit Prospector – reimagined for the modern B2B team.

All new Clearbit Prospector – reimagined for the modern B2B team.

October 26, 2023

Our mission is to deliver the best B2B datasets to the best B2B teams on earth. Today, I'm happy to announce we've taken a huge step towards delivering on that promise by completely rebuilding our contact dataset and the feature it powers: Clearbit Prospector. 

The new Prospector has 2X the contact coverage with a focus on US and EMEA, significantly expanded direct dial phone number coverage, and an entirely redesigned interface.

Our all-new Prospector interface is designed for sales, marketing, and operations teams. The Clearbit platform is now a single location for teams to get instant access to their CRM, marketing automation, and website traffic to drive prospecting workflows.

Prospect into your target market(s)

Generate sales leads from your website visitors.

Automatically de-dupe against your sales and marketing systems. 

Only pay for what you need! No seat-based rent seeking, just straightforward usage-based pricing that comes with 500 free credits out of the box 

Join our waitlist today to be first-in-line to experience the new Clearbit Prospector🚀

Reimagined Company Tags

APIby Zachary Swetz on July 11, 2023

Today, I’m excited to share something a few of us have spent the last few sprints on. An all new company tagging system that significantly improves our accuracy for existing tags and over 1400 all new company tags.

Powered by Clearbit program now offers API provisioning and flexible pricing

APIby Robin Spencer on February 14, 2023

We’re excited to announce the expansion of Powered By Clearbit, giving product and engineering teams everything they need to build and scale data-powered products.

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