Our mission is to help businesses grow faster and smarter.

We’re a company of builders, working together to shape the future of revenue-driven marketing. Just as we help companies build a foundation for growth, we’re committed to empowering employees with the autonomy and opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally.

  1. Founded in 2015

    By Alex MacCaw, Amit Vasudev, Andrew O'Neal, Harlow Ward, Matt Sornson, and Rob Holland.

  2. 500m monthly enrichments

    More than 500 million records enriched monthly.

  3. 400k+ users

    Hundreds of thousands of people and companies use Clearbit every day.

  4. 1500+ business customers

    Giving thousands of businesses a deeper understanding of their customers.

We’re a remote company with an office in San Francisco

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We're Hiring.

Clearbit is built by a team of people with diverse backgrounds who genuinely love working together. Help us transform the world of business intelligence data and build a product companies love to use.

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avatar of Jessica Graef

Jessica Graef

Solutions Engineer

avatar of Ivan Polchenko

Ivan Polchenko

Sr. Engineer II

avatar of George Tomas

George Tomas

Business Development Representative

avatar of Micah Bowie

Micah Bowie

Senior Engineer

avatar of Ashley Conway

Ashley Conway

Business Development Representative

avatar of Caleb Eiler

Caleb Eiler

Engineer II

avatar of Matt Jasso

Matt Jasso

Sales Manager

avatar of Mikaela Tarkocheva

Mikaela Tarkocheva

Engineer II

avatar of Phillip Bracke

Phillip Bracke

Salesforce Admin

avatar of AJ Wiersma

AJ Wiersma

Senior Solutions Engineer

avatar of Emily Stern

Emily Stern

Head of Accounting

avatar of Jess Cody

Jess Cody

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

avatar of Meghan Pidro

Meghan Pidro


avatar of Jacob Berman

Jacob Berman


avatar of Alex Ross

Alex Ross

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

avatar of Anna Tkalitch

Anna Tkalitch

Manager, Customer Success

avatar of Andrew Pinzhoffer

Andrew Pinzhoffer

Engineering Manager

avatar of Vilibaldo Neto

Vilibaldo Neto

Engineering Manager

avatar of Cade Donaldson

Cade Donaldson


avatar of Juan Jovel

Juan Jovel

Deal Desk Manager

avatar of Andrew Huynh

Andrew Huynh

Sr. Manager Business Systems

avatar of Jeffrey Bruce Osborne Jr

Jeffrey Bruce Osborne Jr

Sr. Manager, Customer Success

avatar of Loic Saint-Roch

Loic Saint-Roch

Sr Engineer

avatar of Luc Stroobant

Luc Stroobant

Sr Engineer II

avatar of Ashley Medina

Ashley Medina

Director of Security and Compliance

avatar of Janie Samreth

Janie Samreth

Customer Success Manager

avatar of Cosmin Trufasila

Cosmin Trufasila

Senior Designer

avatar of Zach Steiner

Zach Steiner

Sr. UI Engineer

avatar of Ryan Mercer

Ryan Mercer

Marketing Operations Manager

avatar of Alifa Jamal

Alifa Jamal

Demand Generation Manager

avatar of Logan Mark

Logan Mark

Sales Development Representative

avatar of Meg Kitto

Meg Kitto

Customer Success Systems Architect

avatar of Alejandra Cabrera

Alejandra Cabrera

Product Manager

avatar of John Najac

John Najac

Senior Enterprise Account Executive

avatar of Bill Lucas

Bill Lucas


avatar of Alicia Brewer

Alicia Brewer

Implementation Manager

avatar of Sarah Burn

Sarah Burn

Product Operations Manager

avatar of Gauri Manglik

Gauri Manglik

VP of Legal & Privacy

avatar of Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Sales Manager, Growth Segment

avatar of Lauren Fowler

Lauren Fowler


avatar of Megan Laughtland

Megan Laughtland

Sr. Revenue Accountant

avatar of Omar Al-Omar

Omar Al-Omar

VP GTM Strategy & Operations

avatar of Bret Triola

Bret Triola

Manager, Customer Success

avatar of Sean Ogawa

Sean Ogawa

Senior Product Designer

avatar of Sandhya Kapila

Sandhya Kapila

Head of Implementation

avatar of Paul Fagan

Paul Fagan

Senior Software Engineer

avatar of Avery Clear

Avery Clear

SDR Manager

avatar of Robyn Panesar

Robyn Panesar

Revenue Operations Associate

avatar of Negar Pellegrini

Negar Pellegrini

VP of GTM Enablement

avatar of Adam Webster

Adam Webster

Senior Product Manager

avatar of Michael Barnard

Michael Barnard

GTM Systems and Operations Lead

avatar of Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas

Director of Technical Program Management

avatar of Joselly Anne Ongoco

Joselly Anne Ongoco


avatar of Brandon Bradshaw

Brandon Bradshaw

Implementation Manager

avatar of Grace Lange

Grace Lange


avatar of Michael Cartwright

Michael Cartwright

Account Executive

avatar of Nick Jones

Nick Jones

Account Executive

avatar of Divyashree Nanjundappa

Divyashree Nanjundappa

Support Engineer

avatar of Vivek Goel

Vivek Goel

Senior Solutions Consultant

avatar of Bill Hu

Bill Hu

VP of Sales

avatar of Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray

Solutions Consultant

avatar of Raf Nijskens

Raf Nijskens

Senior Engineering Manager

avatar of Hannah Pasqualucci

Hannah Pasqualucci


avatar of Charlotte Clutson

Charlotte Clutson

Performance Marketing Manager

avatar of Adrian Gutierrez

Adrian Gutierrez


avatar of Kenny Zeng

Kenny Zeng

Junior Full Stack Engineer

avatar of Vanda Taupradist

Vanda Taupradist

Administrative Assistant/Business Partner

avatar of Manny Estevez

Manny Estevez

Support Engineer

avatar of John Bates

John Bates

VP of Product

avatar of Travis Bolton

Travis Bolton

Account Executive

avatar of Kevin Powers

Kevin Powers

Account Executive

avatar of Sarah Ahl

Sarah Ahl


avatar of Iain Johnston

Iain Johnston


avatar of Janine Henning

Janine Henning

Customer Support Content Strategist

avatar of Danielle Peotter

Danielle Peotter

VP Customer Success

avatar of Mandi Tallion

Mandi Tallion

Account Executive

avatar of Hsio Ling Hee

Hsio Ling Hee

Revenue Operations Sales Lead

avatar of Chris Stiemert

Chris Stiemert

Head of Talent

avatar of Jenny Thai

Jenny Thai

Director of Comms & Content

avatar of Hannah Rose Turner

Hannah Rose Turner


avatar of Arianna Angelides

Arianna Angelides


avatar of Liz Hillard

Liz Hillard

BDR Manager

avatar of Jessica Madison

Jessica Madison

Implementation Manager

avatar of Scott Lawson

Scott Lawson

Senior Go Engineer

avatar of Keanen Maas

Keanen Maas


avatar of Thinh Tin Hoang

Thinh Tin Hoang


avatar of Lilyanna Nimmer

Lilyanna Nimmer

Head of FP&A

avatar of Reid Van Mouwerik

Reid Van Mouwerik


avatar of Vytenis Karaitis

Vytenis Karaitis


avatar of Lucas Williams

Lucas Williams


avatar of Stacey Klimek

Stacey Klimek

Chief People Officer

avatar of Thomas Doyle

Thomas Doyle

Software Engineer

avatar of Kelly Stewart

Kelly Stewart


avatar of Connor Lake

Connor Lake

Senior Software Engine

avatar of Juhi Saha

Juhi Saha

VP of Partnerships & Alliances

avatar of Rebecca Yang

Rebecca Yang

VP of Engineering

avatar of Kiley Gibbs

Kiley Gibbs

Pricing and Monetization Lead

avatar of Kyle Van Der Aa

Kyle Van Der Aa


avatar of Kevin Dole

Kevin Dole


avatar of Mateus Braga

Mateus Braga

Software Engineer

avatar of Trent Wheeler

Trent Wheeler

Account Executive

avatar of Alicia Seda

Alicia Seda

Head of Customer Support

avatar of Seydou Quansah

Seydou Quansah

Account Executive

avatar of Eric Cox

Eric Cox

Account Executive

avatar of Derek Schlicker

Derek Schlicker


avatar of Adam Fasanmade

Adam Fasanmade

People Operations Associate

avatar of Lainie Smith

Lainie Smith


avatar of Abby Kegel

Abby Kegel

Account Executive

avatar of Liam Whaley

Liam Whaley

Account Executive

avatar of Iva Ivanova

Iva Ivanova

Senior Data Scientist

avatar of Kayla Webb

Kayla Webb

Software Engineer

avatar of Jeff Coleman

Jeff Coleman


avatar of Hannes Fostie

Hannes Fostie


avatar of Joey Nevarez

Joey Nevarez

Support Engineer

avatar of Blake Davidson

Blake Davidson

Account Executive

avatar of Alex Wildman

Alex Wildman

Solutions Engineer

avatar of Cameron Cadora

Cameron Cadora

Account Executive

avatar of Logan Toskey

Logan Toskey

Sales Manager

avatar of Evan Radkey

Evan Radkey

Customer Success Manager

avatar of Stephanie Yamamoto

Stephanie Yamamoto


avatar of Heber Martinez

Heber Martinez

Account Executive

avatar of Scott Strand

Scott Strand

Demand Generation Manager

avatar of Blaine Lynch

Blaine Lynch

Business Development Representative

avatar of Alex Fung

Alex Fung

Account Executive

avatar of Parvinder Singh

Parvinder Singh

Account Executive

avatar of Kevin Tate

Kevin Tate


avatar of Cathryn Tusow

Cathryn Tusow

Head of Sales & Solutions Engineering

avatar of Matt Gorski

Matt Gorski

Account Manager

avatar of Trenton Shannon

Trenton Shannon

Senior Finance Analyst

avatar of Emilio Ramirez

Emilio Ramirez

Solutions Engineer

avatar of Ross Moser

Ross Moser

Chief Executive Officer

avatar of Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson

Lead Recruiter

avatar of Christopher Perkins

Christopher Perkins


avatar of Amir Hashemian

Amir Hashemian

Enterprise CSM

avatar of Zachary Swetz

Zachary Swetz

Product Manager, Ads & Alerts

avatar of Wade Tandy

Wade Tandy

Senior Full Stack Engineer

avatar of Darren Sawyers

Darren Sawyers

Account Executive

avatar of Chad Metcalf

Chad Metcalf

Senior Software Engineer

avatar of Kristine Mitani

Kristine Mitani

Sales Manager

avatar of Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

avatar of Guilherme Vieira

Guilherme Vieira

Software Engineer

avatar of Katherine Foley

Katherine Foley


avatar of Justin Tsang

Justin Tsang

Special Projects

avatar of Margo Cleveland

Margo Cleveland

Manager, CS Growth

avatar of Dean Karn

Dean Karn

Go Engineer

avatar of Colin White

Colin White

Head of Demand Generation

avatar of Arminas Zukauskas

Arminas Zukauskas

Growth Engineer

avatar of Cindy Blass

Cindy Blass

Head of Experiences and Development

avatar of Billy Rukh

Billy Rukh

Support Engineer

avatar of Anthony Hu

Anthony Hu

SDR Senior

avatar of Robin Spencer

Robin Spencer

Chief Operating Officer

avatar of Saagar Gupta

Saagar Gupta

Account Manager

avatar of Jasmine Monahelis

Jasmine Monahelis

SDR Manager

avatar of Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore

Solutions Engineer

avatar of Ian Maier

Ian Maier

Co-GM of Ads

avatar of Ruchi Banerjee

Ruchi Banerjee

CS Special Projects

avatar of Chelsea Carney

Chelsea Carney

Head of CSMs

avatar of Matt Ginnard

Matt Ginnard

VP of Design

avatar of João Moura

João Moura

Eng Manager, Ads & Alerts

avatar of Justin Wong

Justin Wong

Software Engineer

avatar of Ethan Hackett

Ethan Hackett

Senior Conversion Designer

avatar of Neil Bartholomay

Neil Bartholomay

AE Team Lead

avatar of Brianna Byun

Brianna Byun

Head of People and Experiences

avatar of Ayrton De Craene

Ayrton De Craene

Software Engineer

avatar of Emily Brown

Emily Brown

Data Engineer

avatar of Julie Beynon

Julie Beynon

Head of Analytics

avatar of Shirley Shaw

Shirley Shaw

Sales Engineer

avatar of Bridgette McElearney

Bridgette McElearney

People Operations Specialist

avatar of Brian Hemeryck

Brian Hemeryck

Head of Growth Engineering

avatar of Kiernan McGowan

Kiernan McGowan

Principal Data Engineer

avatar of Cliff Marg

Cliff Marg

Sales Manager

avatar of Matt Aitchison

Matt Aitchison

SRE/SysOps Engineer

avatar of Ben Stevenson

Ben Stevenson

Eng Manager, Data

avatar of Harlow Ward

Harlow Ward

Chief Technical Officer

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