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Our mission is to build the
data backbone for modern businesses.

David Noah Software Engineer

Diego Echeverri Software Engineer

Matt Newell Software Engineer

Jason Dodds Software Engineer

Emily Brown Data Engineer

Ayrton De Craene Software Engineer

Ravi Chava Customer Success

Brianna Byun Recruiter

Conor Hickey Customer Success

Matt Aitchison DevOps Engineer

Bonnie Chen Customer Success

Michael Teevan Sales

Tristan Dunn Software Engineer

Sharon Schmidt People & Culture

Elliott Kember Software Engineer

David Lumley Software Engineer

Greg Walder Head of Sales

Ben Stevenson Data Engineer

John Nelson Software Engineer

Kristen Bricker Operations

Nick Wentz Growth

Janet Choi Content

Bridgette McElearney Office Manager

Kevin Xu Product Manager

Alex MacCaw Co-founder & CEO

Will Frey Sales

Erinne Grant Customer Success

Matt Sornson Growth

Corey Stary Customer Success

Scott Supica Sales

Kiernan McGowan Data Engineer

Sam Bauch Software Engineer

Paul McManus Customer Success

Brady Lemmerman Sales

Ida Honkanen Customer Success

Charles Dennis Sales

Rob Holland Co-founder & Engineer

Ashley Taylor Partnerships

Amit Vasudev Business

Harlow Ward Co-founder & Engineer

Brian Hemeryck Growth

Shirley Shaw Success Engineer

Michael Heller Sales

Jonathan Cutrell Software Engineer

Luke Whiting Operations

Julie Beynon Growth Ops

Gregory Ostermayr Software Engineer

Tom Richards Software Engineer

Benton Anderson Software Engineer

Caleb Albritton Software Engineer

Cliff Marg Sales

Allison Trotman Customer Success

Andrew O'Neal Product

Evan Owen Head of Engineering

Founded in 2015

By Alex MacCaw, Harlow Ward, and Rob Holland

50M Monthly Enrichments

50 million pieces of data enriched monthly

100K+ Users

Hundreds of thousands of happy users

1000+ Business Customers

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Made with love in the heart of
San Francisco

Clearbit is built by a team with backgrounds at Stripe, Twitter, Google, and Heroku. We've come together to transform the world of business intelligence data and build a product companies love to use.

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