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How marketers at Copper, GoLinks, and Magic drive efficiency with Clearbit

Customer storiesby Jess Cody on April 12, 2023

Learn how Ivan, Brandon, and Michael create, capture, and convert demand at scale with Clearbit.

How to create an ideal customer profile for B2B leads (+templates)

Marketing & Growthby Jess Cody on March 10, 2023

Establishing an ICP is crucial for effective outreach. Learn about ICPs and download some ideal customer profile templates with our comprehensive guide.

3 ways Clearbit enables revenue-driven marketing

Marketing & Growthby Jess Cody on July 21, 2022

Marketers are under pressure to deliver revenue — while facing challenges like rising acquisition costs and decreasing budgets. Learn how we help our customers activate their ICP and drive revenue.

Customer lifetime value (CLV): What it is and how to calculate it

Marketing & Growthby Jess Cody on May 02, 2023

Customer lifetime value is the estimated lifetime revenue a customer will contribute to your business. Learn more about this crucial concept in our guide.

What is total addressable market (TAM)? 3 ways to calculate your TAM

Marketing & Growthby Jess Cody on April 04, 2023

Learn what a total addressable market (TAM) is and how to use it to identify the market potential for your product or service.

The Standard in B2B Data

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