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A collection of free books to help companies with their sales and marketing efforts.

How to shorten forms book cover
How to shorten forms with Clearbit

Learn how Clearbit form optimization can help you reduce friction and remove barriers, and how Gong increased demo conversions by 70%.

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Buyer's guide cover
The buyer’s guide to market intelligence solutions

Learn how to select the right market intelligence tool to help you level-up your marketing operations.

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How to drive more website conversions with Clearbit and Mutiny book cover
How to drive more website conversions with Clearbit and Mutiny

To help buyers find the perfect fit and capture demand at scale, marketers must create personalized website experiences. Learn how to build and implement a website personalization strategy from the ground up with Clearbit and Mutiny.

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Cover - paid advertising book
Paid advertising in a world of rising cost

Macroeconomic conditions and changes in B2B buying behavior have made traditional ad playbooks pricier, less effective, and less scalable. Get the guide to learn how to optimize and adapt your ad strategies to weather any storm.

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Attribution book cover
Attribution reporting for marketing ops teams

Learn how to build or refine your attribution model with advice from Julie Beynon, Head of Analytics at Clearbit, and Craig Jordan, Founder and CEO at SaaScend.

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Modern Guide to Lead Qualification

Learn how to build a B2B SaaS lead qualification system that drives revenue with lead scoring and routing frameworks, tools, and best practices for your company's stage of growth.

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The data dictionary for marketing leaders

Learn how to optimize your martech stack with the right combination of fit and intent data.

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New HubSpot ICP book cover
How to scale your business with your ideal customer in mind

Learn how to use data to define and redefine your ICP as your business evolves (and how Clearbit and did just that).

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From IC to Leader

10 B2B and SaaS marketing leaders share their growth path. Get in-depth insights into their approach to career development and the strategic actions they took along the way, from individual contributor to leadership roles.

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DDM Cover Flat
Data-Driven Marketing

Learn how 11 marketing leaders leverage data to scale their website personalization efforts, ABM programs, and email campaigns.

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DDS Cover Flat
Data-Driven Sales

Data-Driven Sales brings together experts from high-growth SaaS companies, and shows exactly how they have used data to transform their companies. Written by 10 guest authors and covering topics like pricing, automating outbound, sales forecasting, hiring, and much more.

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The Standard in B2B Data

Now reinvented with Artificial Intelligence—Clearbit is the first AI Native Data Provider. Enrich your records, reveal buying intent, and connect with your ideal customers.