Discover and capture more pipeline with Clearbit and G2

Featuresby Zachary Swetz on November 17, 2022

Our new integration with G2 enables marketing teams to create high-quality pipeline by engaging the right companies at the right time.

Introducing Clearbit Capture: A smarter way to build pipeline from your website

Featuresby Kevin Tate on October 13, 2022

Clearbit Capture is a new capability of our platform that lets you automate intent-based outreach to build more pipeline from your website.

The biggest mistakes businesses make when building their online forms

Marketing & Growthby Alun Lucas on September 15, 2022

Want to improve the web experience and increase conversions? Avoid these 10 mistakes when building your forms.

Clearbit x LeanData: Level up your lead routing

Integrationsby Rachel Pearson on September 07, 2022

Learn how to accelerate your team’s speed-to-lead by instantly enriching, qualifying, and routing Salesforce records with the Clearbit and LeanData integration.

4 ways to improve ad creative for more effective B2B campaigns

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on September 01, 2022

B2B advertising is more expensive these days, so creatives need to perform well to make up for it. Here's how to design ad creative that performs.

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CAC metrics for marketers: How to speak the same language as your CFO

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on August 23, 2022

Understanding CAC is a way to align marketing with company goals. Here are the CAC formulas to know and our case for why you should know them.

The budget crunch: Why marketing costs are rising across B2B SaaS

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on August 17, 2022

From ad platforms to sponsorships, B2B marketing costs are rising. Find out what's driving up costs — and learn why you need to update your GTM playbooks going forward.

How to create & activate your ICP for more efficient B2B ad campaigns

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on August 11, 2022

Close that gap between the ICP definition on a slide deck somewhere, and the real people you’re trying to reach in the world by activating your ICP.

3 ways Clearbit enables revenue-driven marketing

Marketing & Growthby Jess Cody on July 21, 2022

Marketers are under pressure to deliver revenue — while facing challenges like rising acquisition costs and decreasing budgets. Learn how we help our customers activate their ICP and drive revenue.

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