Introducing Reveal for Dynamic Web Personalization

Featuresby Amit Vasudev on April 06, 2017

> Marketing would be so easy if my site visitors just knew exactly what to read, where to click, how to signup/purchase…. Easier said than done. Prospects have found your website and you want to point them towards the best information or solution designed for their needs. But you have so many products, case studies, resources, pricing options…. it can be overwhelming and challenging for your buyer to know where to even look, let alone engage. However – there's hope! Reveal [https://clearbit.

Versioning APIs Internally

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on June 02, 2015

There's a fair amount that's been written [] on how to version APIs, but what nobody talks about is what goes on behind the scenes--how versioning is implemented at a code level. One reason behind this is that the implementation is often a mess, a nestled spaghetti of conditional statements littering your codebase that usually looks something like this: if params[:version] == 1 show_something else show_something_else end At Clearbit we've been con

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