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This unicorn company grew new pipeline by 300% and boosted MQL to SQL conversion rate from 5% to 22% by using Clearbit to get laser-focused on their ideal customer.


Greenhouse triples paid ad engagement and optimizes site conversion, including increasing demo request form completion by 20%, by using Clearbit across the funnel.

Drive more traffic, leads, and opportunities at scale

Directive Consulting
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Up against challenging revenue goals, Tim Davidson and his team at Directive doubled down on scaling their paid media efforts and generated $5.6 million in pipeline revenue with Clearbit.

2x qualified leads at 1/20th of the cost

RStudio leverages Facebook and Instagram to expand their reach into ideal customer profile audiences, at a cost that lets them scale.

GroupCreated with Sketch.Reach more ideal customers

Finally able to target their ideal customer on Facebook, Zenefits drove larger companies with greater potential ACV and saw a 20% increase in conversion from prospect to qualified lead.

logo-full-colorCreated with Sketch.Decreased cost per quality lead by 60%

Clearbit Advertising gives us access to our target demographic on Facebook that we previously did not have with their native targeting capabilities.

Charlie Liang

Director of Demand Generation


Airbase reaches net-new prospects on Facebook.

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How Gorgias built a $2M paid strategy in less than a year, hyper-targeting Shopify merchants.

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Intercom increased pipeline by 2700 new SQLs a week.

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Increase form and website conversion


Contractbook doubled their outbound response rates by building an intent-based outreach strategy with Clearbit.

70% more form conversions

Gong increased demo requests by 5x — with a 70% lift in form conversions — generating hundreds of qualified opportunities and fast-tracking best-fit leads to accelerate deals.

2X as effective retargeting

Outreach starts sales conversations earlier (with personalized chat and data-driven alerts) and generates qualified leads with ads that perform 2x better than generic retargeting.

50% more signups

After seeing a 60% drop-off rate, Livestorm implemented dynamic forms and improved signup conversion by 50%.


Ada generated $2M in pipeline in 5 months and built a more seamless buyer experience by shortening their forms with Clearbit.

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Radar turns site visits into $1M in meetings with sales alerts.

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One day's work: sign up conversion lift by 24%

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Tealium increases conversion by personalizing its website.

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Power automated lead workflows and analytics


Segment's sales reps save 15 hours per week on lead research. With Clearbit integrated into Salesforce, they always have complete company, geo, and demographic intelligence on leads before sales calls.

Clearbit is our source of truth

Clearbit helps us shorten lead forms, customize chat for web visitors, and enrich data to help inform our sales team. It's a great product portfolio and quickly becoming the gold standard in the data intelligence space.

Jason Yang

SVP Business Operations

Automate key workflows

Proposify needed to automatically identify leads that fit their ideal customer persona. Clearbit data powers a robust lead scoring system, which passes the right leads to the inbound sales team.

We use Clearbit to route leads based on location or industry, score leads, and train machine learning models. Clearbit stands out as having the most straight-forward, elegant and well-documented sales data.

Dharmesh Shah

CTO and Co-Founder


How Heap instantly prioritizes leads from high inbound volume.

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