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Segment uses Enrichment to close more deals

The Clearbit Salesforce Integration adds social, demographic, and firmographic data to every lead, contact, and account. This saves the sales team hours each week in research time, as well as powering their lead scoring and routing systems. This not only saves a huge amount of time, but also helps the sales team focus in on their best leads.

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"Clearbit's company, geo, and demographic intel enables our sales and analytics teams to function at maximum capacity. I don't know what we'd do without them."

Ilya Volodarsky - Co-Founder

The level of detail and number of contacts available through Clearbit Prospector was greater than any of the other tools we considered.

Arvind Ramesh
Sales Operations, Intercom

Clearbit data has been immensely helpful in identifying which leads within Salesforce we want to focus on. In addition, the support from the team at Clearbit has been incredible!

Taylor Oliver
Director of Sales, Flexport

Clearbit saves me a ton of time in lead research, and having full lead profiles automatically available is amazing. I recommend Clearbit daily.

Kevin Ramani
Head of Sales,

Mention uses Enrichment to increase signup conversion by 54%

Using the Enrichment API, Mention was able to shorten thier signup form while getting more data about their signups. Enrichment can take an email address and return a full user profile inclding title, location, and company information. By using this data, they were able to remove fields and auto-populate others, resulting in a significantly faster signup process.

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“Integrating Clearbit was the biggest impact investment of anything we’ve done to date .... It increased signup conversion by 54%. Huge."

Guillaume Cabane - VP of Growth

Using Clearbit data to help power our Twitter advertising campaigns, we saw a 250% increase in click-throughs.

Casey Henry
Director of Growth, Wistia

Using Clearbit in our welcome emails has leveled up our personalization game in a huge way and helped increase our open rates by 15%.

Janet Choi

Clearbit is by far the most flexible data enrichment solution I have come across to date.

Dexter Hart
Marketing Operations, Adroll

Baremetrics provides premium insights to their customers

Baremetrics founder, Josh Pigford initially tried other data providers, but found that the data was often either incomplete, or inaccurate. He eventually turned to Clearbit's Enrichment API to take a customer's email address from Stripe and provide everything from avatars, location and social profiles to the total funding and size of their company.

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"Our customer profile feature humanizes transactions, and provides a personal side to the analytics. Ultimately, our profile feature couldn't exist without Clearbit"

Josh Pigford - Founder & CEO

It's a little bit of magic for our users, and Clearbit's APIs are essential to that experience.

Michael Boeke
Head of Product, Synap

With Clearbit, the integration took a few hours to complete, and the on-boarding process was instant - a lot simpler that the past provider.

Ali Nizameddine
EVP Product, Payza

Using the Enrichment API, we were able to speed up the new account approval process by 20%.

Cory Monty
Developer, Braintree

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