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Discovery API

Engineeringby Matt Sornson on September 15, 2015

Today we are very excited to introduce our latest API--Discovery []. Traditionally finding new leads is a long and painfully tedious part of a company's sales cycle. Manually building lists and endlessly trawling LinkedIn almost defines today's Sales Development Reps (SDR) role. Our new Discovery API enables you to quickly target companies based on a wide set of parameters. Finding companies who have 100+ employees, are in the Professional Serv

Clearbit x Stamplay

Engineeringby Matt Sornson on August 13, 2015

We always get excited when there's a new easy way for people to use the Clearbit APIs. And here's the latest one! Stamplay [] is a backend as a service platform that let's you add our Enrichment APIs to your application with minimal custom dev work. Using Clearbit within Stamplay is pretty simple and we wrote a quick tutorial [

Clearbit <3 Blockspring

Companyby Matt Sornson on July 28, 2015

In the 9 months since we released our Google Sheets add-on [] , we have had tons of positive feedback. After the exclamations of how mind-blowingly awesome it was. The first question was. Can I use this in Excel? As of last week, we can finally say yes! We have partnered with Blockspring to bring our APIs to spreadsheets everywhere. Blockspring is an new platform that lets you access all your favor

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