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80% increase in industry categorization coverage

Engineeringby Matt Sornson on March 17, 2016

When we launched company categories (late last spring), they covered ~30% of companies. We could generate categories for most public companies and a good portion of highly visible private companies as well. Customers quickly started using them for signup routing, lead scoring, and segmentation analysis. All powerful use cases that drive immediate value. As we started looking at expanding coverage from public and prominent private companies, we found that many self-reported sources were often i

How Synap levels up their CRM with Clearbit Enrichment

Salesby Matt Sornson on March 03, 2016

Behind every successful product is a series of delightful experiences for users. While some are core to the actual value prop of the product, others are as simple as playful copy or design. For example, when you’re about to send a Mailchimp campaign, they show you their mascot’s sweating finger hovering over a big red button: Maybe something fun like this fits with your product and your brand, or maybe not. But moments of delight come in all shapes and sizes, and we recently spotted one in S

Integrating Clearbit &

Featuresby Matt Sornson on March 01, 2016

Strategic drip campaigns are table-stakes for product marketing in 2016. Some people will sign up for your product and start paying you money without any hand-holding, but most are looking to you as a tour guide to help them navigate your offerings and become customers. Getting started with drip campaigns is fairly straightforward – it can as simple as a series of 4-5 emails that go out over about a week after someone signs up. The best approach tends to be to vary the messaging and positioni

Guillaume Cabane on the secret to Mention's 54% increase in signup conversions

Marketing & Growthby Matt Sornson on February 24, 2016

As VP of Growth at Mention [], Guillaume Cabane’s job was distilled to two key performance indicators (KPIs): increase the number of signups, and increase the quality of inbound sales leads. One day, he came up with an afternoon experiment that he thought might improve both of these core KPIs simultaneously by leveraging the Clearbit Enrichment API. How did it go? “Integrating Clearbit was the biggest impact investment of anything we’ve done to date," he said. "It increase

Level up your welcome emails with our new Role attribute

Marketing & Growthby Matt Sornson on January 28, 2016

Every SaaS app in the world sends out welcome emails. Some are awesome, some are not. Last spring we reached the point where we could no longer manually send customized welcome emails. However, we really didn't like the idea of sending the same bland generic email to all of our new users. We have three distinct user types (engineering, marketing, and sales), and using the same language and call to action seemed like such a waste. Luckily we found a solution in our own data. We built a relativel

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