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How to create & activate your ICP for more efficient B2B ad campaigns

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on August 11, 2022

Close that gap between the ICP definition on a slide deck somewhere, and the real people you’re trying to reach in the world by activating your ICP.

3 ways Clearbit enables revenue-driven marketing

Marketing & Growthby Jess Cody on July 21, 2022

Marketers are under pressure to deliver revenue — while facing challenges like rising acquisition costs and decreasing budgets. Learn how we help our customers activate their ICP and drive revenue.

3 rules for building a revenue-driven marketing strategy

Marketing & Growthby Alex Ross on July 15, 2022

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that marketing is a vital driver of growth, specifically revenue growth. This is why so many marketing teams are shifting towards revenue-driven marketing strategies.

5 takeaways for marketers from The Second Lever, Mutiny’s virtual event

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on July 14, 2022

Growth at all costs may no longer make sense, but one thing we can be certain about in these uncertain times is that marketers have a vital role to play in growing revenue efficiently.

What is revenue-driven marketing? And why you need it more than ever

Marketing & Growthby Nick Wentz on July 07, 2022

Revenue-driven marketing starts with a shift in mindset. From driving leads and MQLs to driving pipeline and revenue. From growing at all costs to growing efficiently and sustainably.

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