Customer stories

Customer stories

How the Zenefits Growth Ops team improves the buyer experience with Clearbit

Customer storiesby Jess Cody on March 15, 2023

Learn how Zenefits uses Clearbit data to tailor the buyer experience across ads, email, chat, and more.

How Clearbit became an integral part of Grafana Labs’ data foundation

Customer storiesby Jess Cody on December 06, 2022

Learn how Grafana Labs built a scalable data foundation with Clearbit.

5 website personalization examples from Clearbit customers

Customer storiesby Alex Ross on July 19, 2022

Crafting the perfect personalized website experience can be daunting when you don’t know where to begin. Take a look at 5 Clearbit customers who have nailed the B2B personalized website experience and get inspiration for your next project.

How Gong improved form conversion by 70% and fast-tracks ideal leads

Customer storiesby Gaines Murfee on May 30, 2019

Gong was doing what most SaaS companies do: they made prospects who wanted a demo fill out a long form and wait for an SDR to contact them in order to move forward. Find out how Director of Marketing Automation at Gong, Noa Farber improved the experience using Clearbit and Chili Piper.

How Proposify improved sales ops to scale and enable their team

Partnersby Emily Stephen on March 21, 2019

Patrick Edmonds, CMO at Proposify, knew his growing sales team couldn't continue losing time manually processing hundreds of leads very day. A partnership with Outshine revamped Proposify's tech stack to automate and identify the leads that fit their ideal customer persona.

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