Authors Janet Choi unlocked B2B advertising on Facebook — and tripled match rates

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Using Clearbit X Audiences, saw their match rates go up more than triple, from 15% to 50%. The B2B business could target with the precision of LinkedIn and get the lower costs and greater ROI of Facebook advertising that consumer brands typically see.  Read more

Revving up your speed to lead

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Mastering speed to lead for B2B starts with a well-designed system. Learn why speed closes leads, what's getting in your way, and how to rev up the buying experience.  Read more

How to improve site conversions at peak intent

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So many marketers spend time trying to chase more leads while there's a whole pool of people giving you subtle clues who have been there the whole time: your website visitors. Here's how to take better leverage high intent to improve your marketing strategies throughout the buyer's journey.  Read more

What you need to start personalizing your site with Clearbit Reveal

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Every visitor to your website isn't a prospect — so, increase conversions by expanding beyond one-size-fits-all. Here's what you need to start personalizing your website with Clearbit Reveal.  Read more

Why your B2B website is a gold mine for sales

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In everyday life as in sales, knowledge is power. If your reps aren’t leveraging every bit of intent data-driven knowledge at their disposal, they are leaving money on the table. Here's how intent data from your B2B website empowers sales.  Read more