How marketers at Copper, GoLinks, and Magic drive efficiency with Clearbit

How marketers at Copper, GoLinks, and Magic drive efficiency with Clearbit

April 12, 2023

Not only is it the Year of the Rabbit, it’s also the Year of Efficiency, according to Meta.

While it certainly doesn’t have the same ring to it, it’s applicable in a time of market instability, layoffs, and budget cuts.

You’ve probably heard this message in the market lately, so we’re not here to explain the importance of efficiency. Instead, we want to share how marketers today are building efficient inbound funnels with Clearbit data, and how you can too.

Keep reading to learn how:

How Ivan at Copper restored his team’s faith in Facebook ads by generating more ICP leads

The first step in driving inbound efficiency is creating demand – but not just any demand. Marketers must ensure they’re building targeted ad programs that attract only their best-fit leads.

Before Ivan Danilov, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Copper, joined the team, they weren’t utilizing Facebook for paid programs. They had encountered many challenges trying to build an efficient ads program and had written off Facebook entirely.

Facebook’s native targeting options were a major obstacle for the team. With no ability to target based on attributes like what technology a company uses (Copper’s built for Google Workspace users), the Copper team was unable to reach buyers in their ICP.

The team had also tried using an agency to help scale their Facebook campaigns but weren’t seeing the success they needed to justify the cost.

The Copper team, rightfully, had trust issues with Facebook.

Improving targeting with Clearbit

Once Ivan joined the team, his first priority was to scale their ad programs. To do so, he knew he needed to make some changes.

The team was already using Clearbit in other areas of the business, so he decided to take advantage of Clearbit’s ad targeting capabilities. He built awareness and consideration campaigns on Facebook using Clearbit’s robust data attributes. With the available data attributes, Ivan is able to target key buyers in his ICP based on geographic location, technology usage, and company size.

Now that these campaigns are running, Ivan says “With Clearbit, we know our advertising is shown to the right people.” This level of precision ensures the Copper team is reaching their best-fit leads in a cost-effective manner.

“I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook ads. One of the reasons we still use Facebook ads is because of the Clearbit data we can leverage. If we couldn’t, I would probably move our budget elsewhere.”
Ivan Danilov, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Copper

After driving the right visitors to your website, it’s time to roll out the red carpet. Greeting your visitors with a personalized experience and frictionless forms drives more conversions.

Once they generated the right traffic, the team at GoLinks, a link management solution, set out to solve their inbound conversion problem.

Brandon Most, Head of Marketing at GoLinks, shares, “I wanted to solve the inbound conversion process.” He knew that their forms were too long at eight fields and says, “If I wouldn’t fill it out. Why would I expect anyone else to?”.

With this challenge in mind, Brandon turned to Clearbit.

Using a combination of Clearbit and HubSpot, Brandon implemented Clearbit form optimization, shortening the number of form fields from eight to just one.

Prior to Clearbit, 88% of people who interacted with the form did not convert. Since implementing Clearbit, conversion rates have doubled. Brandon shares that using Clearbit to optimize their forms has been “tremendously successful.”

How Michael at Magic built robust lead routing, making his sales team more productive

The next step in efficiently driving pipeline is routing your leads to the right sales reps at the right time.

Michael Rubin, Founder and CFO at Magic, realized he was driving the right traffic to the site, but he needed to create a more seamless conversion experience.

Using a combination of Clearbit and Chili Piper he built a robust lead routing process. With Clearbit form optimization, he shortened the form to just one field. Michael then used Clearbit data attributes (specifically annual revenue and employee count) to create three buckets in Chili Piper. These buckets categorize leads as high, medium, or low fit. Based on the fit of the lead, the Magic team displays the calendar of the appropriate sales team member.

This new experience ensures that leads are followed up quickly by the rep that is best suited to help solve their needs.

“The core value is our ability to route the right leads to the best agents and produce way more value over the lifetime of that lead. The system brings more sophistication to our sales organization by changing the way we staff and manage our teams, and how we follow up with leads.”
Michael Rubin, Founder and CFO at Magic

Driving a better buyer experience with data

Having the right data foundation in place enables you to drive efficient growth throughout the funnel. Chat with our team to learn how Clearbit can help you create, capture, and convert demand at scale.

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