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Why your B2B website is a gold mine for sales

Salesby Janet Choi on July 22, 2019

In everyday life as in sales, knowledge is power. If your reps aren’t leveraging every bit of intent data-driven knowledge at their disposal, they are leaving money on the table. Here's how intent data from your B2B website empowers sales.

Find more of your best prospects with intent data

Salesby Janet Choi on July 10, 2019

If sales and marketing burn up too much money chasing low-quality leads, growth becomes impossible. How do you keep customer acquisition costs down? Instead of always chasing new, variable-quality leads for variable results, do more with what you already have by leveraging intent data.

Behind the scenes: Building a personalized product demo page

Companyby Janet Choi on May 16, 2019

Marketers are always told to personalize everything, but putting that into practice is easier said than done. At Clearbit, we already have the data — but what happens next? Here's what we did to build a personalized product demo page that doubled conversions.

3 chat personalization tactics to engage target accounts

Marketing & Growthby Janet Choi on May 07, 2019

When you've got an account-based marketing plan [] in place, you already know who you want to talk to. You've already spent a lot of energy, money, and time trying to attract the attention of these specific target companies — from outbound emails, paid ads, events, direct mail, and other demand gen initiatives. Live chat is the logical next step. Chat is an effective engagement tool because it offers a communication channel at t

The best plan for replacing

Salesby Janet Choi on April 24, 2019

Here's what to do if you’re transitioning from — and why it’s time to get more value from an enrichment solution beyond filling in contact data in a CRM.

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