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Redesigning our signup form

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A few months ago we set out to redesign Clearbit's signup form from the ground up. Self-service is a key aspect of our business, so we wanted to make the registration process as painless as possible. We also wanted to use this as an opportunity to show off our own  Read more

SIC codes, NAICS codes, and Fiscal Year End

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Our mission is to put the world's company and demographic data at your fingertips, and we're always looking at both improving our existing dataset and giving you useful new attributes. To that end, I'd like to announce the addition of three new company data attributes: SIC codes, NAICS codes, and  Read more

Salesforce Lite: a free Chrome Extension

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Our Salesforce integration is one of our most popular products, providing person and company data directly within Salesforce. Social profiles, employee counts, and job titles, all automatically appended to every Lead, Contact, and Account. Unfortunately, it's also one of our hardest products to trial and is not entirely self service.  Read more

Taking Stock

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We recently crossed two big milestones, 1000 customers and 100,000 daily active users across our products. While this is a significant moment for us, I have to admit to feeling a touch of nostalgia as I remember jumping for joy when our first customer signed up a little over  Read more

Clearbit OAuth API

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Clearbit was founded on a powerful idea: that we can catalyze innovation by creating simple building blocks. The first stage of the plan was our APIs. By abstracting person & company data behind simple interfaces, you can build some powerful tools. We've already seen thousands of companies do just that  Read more