Salesforce Lite: a free Chrome Extension

Salesforce Lite: a free Chrome Extension

April 11, 2017

Our Salesforce integration is one of our most popular products, providing person and company data directly within Salesforce. Social profiles, employee counts, and job titles, all automatically appended to every Lead, Contact, and Account.

Unfortunately, it's also one of our hardest products to trial and is not entirely self service. Installing a Salesforce package is no mean feat, and can require some tricky upfront configuration.

That all changes today with the release of our Salesforce Lite Chrome Extension, which installs with one click then injects our Salesforce integration directly into Lead, Contact and Account pages in Salesforce CRM. No configuration or installed packages required!

The best news is that we're giving this away for free! Give it a whirl. We support both Salesforce Classic and Lightning versions.

Minimized version

Contextual demographic & firmagraphic data

Salesforce Lite displays fresh and real time person & company information directly next to your Salesforce Leads, Accounts and Contacts.

Maximized version

We realize screen real-estate is super important in Salesforce, so we've provided a minimized view of this information too.

Fetch contact emails

We've also baked in our Prospector product, so you can find up to 20 emails every month for free. You can create a new Lead or Contact inline, and we'll pre-fill in email, name, and title information.


Upgrade available

Now we want to emphasize that this extension, while useful standalone, is a taster of all the functionality you get with our paid product, Salesforce Pro.

With our Salesforce Pro enrichment solution you can embed the data in custom objects, standard Salesforce fields, and reports. This gives you the ability to use the data anywhere you could want it in Salesforce. This helps you keep your CRM data quality high, and your reps happy.

Additionally we've got a souped-up version of our Prospector which will let you search for companies by 80 different criteria, find leads and de-dupe against your existing database.

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