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Company Name to Domain API

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Clearbit's Name to Domain API takes a company name and returns their website domain and logo. It's free, up to 50k requests a month. The only requirement is a free Clearbit account. Sign up for your free Clearbit account here. At Clearbit, we believe that domain name is the new  Read more

Company Logo API

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Clearbit's free Logo API is still available here in 2021 — and still completely free. We never found anything that catered well to company logos. And yet there's a lot of clear use-cases ranging from setting an organization's default image on signup to pulling in logos next to job listings. Clearbit  Read more

A message from our CEO

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Alex MacCaw, Clearbit’s co-founder and CEO, is moving to a chairman of the board position. Matt Sornson, co-founder and CMO, will be moving into the interim CEO position. Read on for a message from Alex.  Read more

Clearbit Advertising

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Introducing Clearbit Advertising, a tool to turn Facebook into your highest-performing, most efficient B2B channel by enabling you to reach precise target audiences on the world's largest social network.  Read more

Gross Company Happiness

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At Clearbit, we measure our Gross Company Happiness (GCH). The means matter just as much as the end; there is no point spending our lives building this company if the process makes us miserable.  Read more