Company Name to Domain API

Company Name to Domain API

January 02, 2021

Clearbit's Name to Domain API takes a company name and returns their website domain and logo. It's free, up to 50k requests a month. The only requirement is a free Clearbit account.

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At Clearbit, we believe that domain name is the new company identifier, and require a domain name to kick off our enrichment process.

There's a number of reasons why domain name makes a great identifier: it's unique, it's non-proprietary, it resolves (or doesn't), and is the best way to map a company's online presence. Additionally, almost every company in the world now has a website.

From name to domain

name to domain API

We've added support for Name To Domain to all of our official bindings, so if you're using Ruby, Python, Node, or Go you just need to update your client and you're good to go.

We've also added support to our beta Zapier integration, so if you're not a coder that's a great way of getting started.

Otherwise, the REST API looks like this:

    "name": "Segment",
    "domain": "",
    "logo": ""

It's worth highlighting a caveat with this API: company names are not unique, and therefore there's going to be some inherent inaccuracy with the data returned from this API. We try to do an exact match and return the relevant company, but we won't always be right.

Why use the Name to Domain API?

It turns out that many companies have large existing datasets in their CRM, marketing automation system, or user database that don't have a domain name associated with each record. Often there is just a company name, and without a unique domain name, we are unable to enrich those record.

The Company Name to Domain API now lets our customers bridge that gap.

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