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Announcing Clearbit Connect

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on April 07, 2016

Today, we're proud to launch Clearbit Connect [], a free extension that surfaces actionable information on the people who email you (including company details) directly alongside your emails in Gmail. Better yet - Connect also lets you find any business email address instantly, even if the person isn't in your address book. Enriching Gmail Whenever you open a conversation in Gmail, or hover over an email, we'll search through hundreds of sources from around the web i

A quick way to increase data accuracy by 12% or more

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on February 23, 2016

One thing that makes Clearbit's Enrichment API so helpful is that you don't need anything more than an email address to get rich data about a person and the company where she or he works. But, many of our customers already know a thing or two about their users, such as their names, and can increase accuracy by simply passing that information along with email addresses. In addition to names, helpful attributes to include might be IP addresses, Twitter, Facebook, or GitHub handles. Including an

Streak's InboxSDK

Companyby Alex MacCaw on February 17, 2016

Building on top of Gmail is hard. Like really hard. Google doesn't provide any official JavaScript APIs, and indeed seems pretty laissez faire about people building on top of the platform in general. Then there's the matter of the generated source code. Just go and click 'View Source' on Gmail. If your browser doesn't end up crashing, you'll be unpleasantly surprised with a spaghetti of generated markdown The rewards for integrating with Gmail though, are large. It's where a lot of people spen

2015 year in review

Companyby Alex MacCaw on January 19, 2016

Wow. 2015 was quite the year for Clearbit! It's tricky fitting everything we've done into a single blog post, considering last year encompassed most of our young company's life, but here goes. In 2015 we went from a team of two, to seven. From 50 customers to 500. From processing a few hundred API requests a day to millions. We now power the business intelligence data behind much of the valley, and this year we're setting our sights much higher. I'm very proud of how far we've come in a year,

Our Stock Option pledge

Companyby Alex MacCaw on January 12, 2016

Startup stock options often [] get a bad [] rap [], and with good reason. Employees who've given years to a company can end up with nothing — or have to fork over huge amounts of money and suffer a large tax liability. Quite honestly this sucks! To be fair, the system we have in place isn't necessarily the fault of companies a

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