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The ultimate guide to marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

Marketing & Growthby Alex Ross on March 07, 2023

A marketing qualified lead is an individual who has been identified as more likely to buy. Learn how to identify this important prospect with our guide on MQLs.

What is customer acquisition cost (CAC) and how to calculate it

Marketing & Growthby Alex Ross on February 21, 2023

To ensure a strong ROI in outreach campaigns, businesses need to master their customer acquisition cost. Check out our guide on CAC to optimize your operations.

Intent-based marketing: How to target better B2B leads for your business

Marketing & Growthby Alex Ross on February 16, 2023

Intent-based marketing is a way for businesses to target the right prospects at the right time. Learn how to successfully start this method in our comprehensive guide.

7 lessons on revenue-driven marketing from top B2B experts

Marketing & Growthby Alex Ross on December 20, 2022

What does it take to build a strong revenue-driven marketing team? Here are 7 lessons from top B2B experts who have been there.

Data enrichment explained (with examples)

Marketing & Growthby Alex Ross on October 18, 2022

Data enrichment can be a powerful tool in several industries, but it has particularly become a staple in B2B. Here’s a look at how data enrichment is used to drive efficient growth in B2B companies.

The Standard in B2B Data

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