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An inside look at Clearbit’s ICP and lead scoring model

Company Sales by Mike Heller on

Only focusing on hand-raises isn't a smart sales process. We weren't reaching out to the best leads and wasting time with bad fits. So we turned to our own Clearbit data to define an ideal customer profile and create an automated lead scoring model in Salesforce.  Read more

The definitive guide to IP based B2B website personalization

Marketing & Growth Features by Mike Heller on

Website personalization for B2B buyers is a highly effective way to improve conversion rates, sales leads, content consumption, and more. But it’s tough to personalize for the 98% of B2B website traffic that’s anonymous. Clearbit Reveal lets you see who’s coming to your website and gives you  Read more

How to Avoid Ruining Your Domain Sender Score

Marketing & Growth by Mike Heller on

Email is one of the most effective marketing communication channels. $1 invested in email returns an average of $38 in revenue. For sales teams, the importance is even more explicit. A single, well-crafted email can mean thousands of dollars in potential revenue from a single customer. Therefore it is critical  Read more

Thinking Beyond Account Based Marketing

Marketing & Growth by Mike Heller on

Ask 10 marketers or sales leaders to define Account Based Marketing (ABM) and you’ll get 10 unique and conflicting responses. As the definitions of ABM are ambiguous and quite varied, let’s agree to define Account Based Marketing as this: a simple approach that aligns sales and marketing teams  Read more