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What is lead enrichment? A beginner's guide for B2B marketers

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on April 13, 2022

Learn what lead enrichment is — and why B2B marketers need it to accelerate the funnel.

A marketer’s guide to B2B intent data

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on January 05, 2022

B2B intent data is a marketer’s best friend. Here’s how to make the most of intent data in your marketing efforts.

When and how to develop a PQL framework

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on December 15, 2021

Should your company implement a PQL framework? Here are 5 things to consider.

The what, why, and how of B2B customer segmentation

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on April 22, 2022

Marketing to everyone is like marketing to no one. That’s where customer segmentation comes in.

Building a foundation for data-driven growth: 5 tips from Sendoso’s Kris Rudeegraap

Marketing & Growthby Jenny Thai on March 23, 2022

From future-proofing your tech stack to evolving your ICP, Sendoso CEO and co-founder Kris Rudeegraap shares his strategies and insights on data-driven growth.

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