Introducing Reveal for Dynamic Web Personalization

Introducing Reveal for Dynamic Web Personalization

April 06, 2017

Marketing would be so easy if my site visitors just knew exactly what to read, where to click, how to signup/purchase….

Easier said than done. Prospects have found your website and you want to point them towards the best information or solution designed for their needs. But you have so many products, case studies, resources, pricing options…. it can be overwhelming and challenging for your buyer to know where to even look, let alone engage.

However – there's hope!

Reveal enables real-time personalization of your site based on the company information of the visitor - even if they haven’t self-identified or signed up!

With dynamic web personalization in place, you can adjust the site experience based on a visitor's specific company, industry, size, tech stack, and and more. And the best part is that no-coding is required!

How it works

Drop in a small javascript snippet and Reveal will start listening to your site’s anonymous traffic. With that in place, you can define your various visitor segments and begin creating personalized experiences.

To create, manage, and measure your site variations, we suggest using Personalization software. Behind-the-scenes, we've created integrations with 3 powerful, modern platforms:


If you use Reveal with Google Optimize, Optimizely, or GetSmartContent, plug-and-play Personalization is at your fingertips! Unlike some of the old school companies in the space, you won’t need a 3 month consulting engagement or dev resources to start running personalization.

For example, below is a .gif that shows creation of an audience segment in Optimizely that targets any visitors at companies with 50+ employees.


Using a personalization platform also allows you to incorporate behavioral attributes in as well - so you can create the ultimate experience based on their actual site engagement and their company firmographics.

Some practical examples

  • Running an account-based marketing strategy? Present your new case study about how enterprise-capable your product is.

  • Have vertical-specific solutions? Display your healthcare customer logos when a Pharma company is checking out your site instead of a generic set.

  • Someone is using your competitor's tech? Highlight the “free trial” button and share your new competitive analysis white paper.

Today, companies like IBM, Invision, and Segment have successfully deployed Clearbit Reveal for dynamic site personalization.

Head here to learn more about Clearbit Reveal or request a demo.

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