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Dashboard Redesign

Companyby Alex MacCaw on June 29, 2015

If you've signed into Clearbit in the last few weeks you may have noticed a few changes - we've overhauled our dashboard and shipped a beautiful new redesign. Graphs The graphs in your dashboard [] show any requests you've made that count against your quota. You can filter by type of API and time range. Lookup Our lookup tool [] lets you run one-off lookups against emails and domains returning person and company information.

Company Tech Tags

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on June 17, 2015

I'm happy to announce we've released a new data attribute for our Company API - technology tags. These tags represent the technology stack and products used by a company. This can be quite handy. We love instantly knowing whether a new signup comes from a business that already leverages cloud technology or not. In addition, it helps us be more targeted with messaging as to our prebuilt integrations (ex. someone uses Salesforce). For example the tech tags for [] s

Versioning APIs Internally

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on June 02, 2015

There's a fair amount that's been written [] on how to version APIs, but what nobody talks about is what goes on behind the scenes--how versioning is implemented at a code level. One reason behind this is that the implementation is often a mess, a nestled spaghetti of conditional statements littering your codebase that usually looks something like this: if params[:version] == 1 show_something else show_something_else end At Clearbit we'

Domain aliases and more

Engineeringby Alex MacCaw on June 01, 2015

We've been busy improving our APIs based on your feedback, and I'm excited to announce a few additions we've just shipped. Versioning The biggest change is the addition of versioning to our APIs. We use a date based version which you can pass through in a API-Version header when making API requests. curl '' \ -H 'API-Version: 2015-05-11' All of our clients support setting a version. For example with our Ruby library: Clear

Blocking Spammy Signups

Companyby Alex MacCaw on May 19, 2015

We've been dealing with a fair amount of signups that are either triggered programmatically or by using fake email addresses. This is a bit of a hassle for us--not only are these signups taking advantage of the 50 free calls on our free tier (which actually costs us), it's also a pain for our sales team to sift through fake leads. Identifying these signups programmatically was proving to be quite difficult though. The attackers were using a variety of proxy IPs and there weren't obvious similar

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