Focus your funnel: 10 ways to drive efficient revenue growth with Clearbit

Chapter 7

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Focus your funnel: 10 ways to drive efficient revenue growth with Clearbit

We’ve walked you through the data types and tools to build a data foundation and focus your GTM activities on your best revenue-generating prospects.

Now we’ll show you specific ways to use Clearbit across your marketing and sales tools to create, capture, and convert your ICP.

You’ll get examples of how real Clearbit customers use data on tap in three main areas:

  1. Create demand: How to better target and personalize outbound and ad campaigns
  2. Capture intent: How to improve conversion rates through personalization and less form friction
  3. Convert pipeline: How data on tap improves your internal operations and converts ICPs faster

Create demand

For marketing messages to effectively nudge leads down the funnel and pull in net-new ones, they need to be relevant to the people seeing them. But reliably targeting the right people and companies is a common struggle, especially at the top of the funnel, where you want to cast the widest net.

With Clearbit Audiences, combine your first-party data (like Salesforce records and website visitor activities) with Clearbit’s third-party firmographic, demographic, and technographic data, giving you a complete view of the market.

This lets your acquisition programs tap into the widest set of net-new ICP leads in your unknown, unengaged universe — as well as slice and dice your TAM into detailed ICP segments for targeting.

Ad targeting

Create audiences in Clearbit’s Data Activation Platform that match ICP criteria, then sync them to Facebook or Google as custom audiences. This helps you reach the audiences you want at scale, but keeps your programs targeted enough to serve personalized ads and reduce unnecessary spend.

Directive Consulting generated $5.6M in pipeline by creating more targeted and effective Facebook campaigns with Clearbit.

Conversion tracking

Cookies are going away, but you can still maximize ad campaign performance with Clearbit’s server-side conversion tracking capabilities. With Clearbit, you can collect data about a lead’s activities — their form submissions, what ad they clicked on, what browser they're using, their IP addresses, etc. — and then send that data to Facebook and Google Advertising to train them on which leads to target.

Capture intent

Your website is the front door to your business, and you want to make it easy for ICP leads to walk in. Clearbit’s data foundation lays out the welcome mat by lowering the barrier to entry and personalizing experiences.

Identify, capture, and convert anonymous website visitors

People from ideal companies are probably visiting your website every day without your knowledge — so you may be missing out on high-intent sales opportunities.

Clearbit enables intent-based outreach. Clearbit Reveal detects anonymous website visitors who fit your ICP profile, and if their company isn’t already in your database, Clearbit Capture automatically creates a new account in Salesforce.

It even auto-creates and auto-assigns buyer contacts at those companies for your BDRs, speeding up their outreach process by cutting out the step of manually researching which people to reach out to. You can define ideal contact personas using criteria such as role, seniority, title, etc.

New leads and contacts are deduped to keep your database clean, and they’re marked as “Clearbit created” so you can measure the ROI of this automated workflow. Clearbit Capture creates a new source of leads that match your ICP and show intent — saving time for sales reps, increasing pipeline, and increasing win rate.

Sales automation and alerts

Alert your sales reps the moment an ICP prospect visits your website or browses pages that indicate high purchase intent, such as pricing. This works even if a website visitor is anonymous. Clearbit uses reverse-IP lookup to identify a website visitor, then analyzes their firmographic data to determine whether they’re an ICP.

If an ICP visitor is showing intent on the site, Clearbit sends a sales alert to the rep who owns the account or territory via Slack, Salesforce, email, etc. The rep can reference Clearbit’s record of which content the lead has been browsing, providing more context for the call. They can also see how many times other colleagues at the same company have visited the site, which creates a big-picture view of how “hot” the account is and facilitates more relevant conversations.

Radar rallied their company around sales alerts to book more meetings and create $1M in pipeline.

Form optimization

Capture more ICP leads by shortening lead forms. Clearbit’s dynamic forms use real-time enrichment to automatically cut out fields or auto-fill them — and our Forms customers regularly see their conversion rates increase more than 50%.

Some are even able to shorten to a one-field form (they just ask for email). By enriching that email address with Clearbit data, they get all the data needed to identify, score, and route.

Ada generated $2M in pipeline 5 months by shortening their form from 7 fields to 4 (including qualifying questions).

Advanced personalization

Personalize your website and email experiences for your ICP audiences, starting with the first touchpoint all the way down the funnel. Personalization even continues after prospects become customers, assisting with cross-sell and upsell.

This is even possible for leads that visit your site anonymously. With Clearbit Reveal’s reverse-IP lookup, you can show different website CTAs, text, and images relevant to a lead’s industry, size, technologies installed, and more.

Livestorm increased website conversions by 30% by personalizing their homepage for different buyers.

Smart chat

Using Clearbit data and your chat tool of use you can trigger smart chat for website visitors, and to protect your sales team, use Clearbit to determine which visitors can connect with an SDR or go straight to an AE.

Outreach shows personalized chat boxes that mention a visitor’s company name — an attention-grabbing technique that improves conversions.

Convert pipeline

RevOps fuels your GTM systems so they can drive revenue in a predictable way. But if you’re always fixing data plumbing issues and fighting fires, your systems just won’t work. We’ve seen customers miss ICP opportunities and watch growth plateau — or become too expensive — because ops has become a bottleneck.

Clearbit’s Data Activation Platform integrates with RevOps and sales tools to help you automatically identify high-intent ICP leads, take action, and send them down the right paths.

Scoring and routing for faster speed to lead

Clearbit data increases the accuracy of lead scoring and routing systems so that the right reps are talking to the right prospects at the right time. This helps you never lose a high-value lead, and it increases trust between marketing and sales reps by reducing routing errors.

Clearbit scores and routes directly in Salesforce, and as you grow, it integrates with tools like MadKudu and Leandata for more customization.

Heap sorted inbound leads into three simple buckets – high/medium/low priority – using Clearbit data on industry and employees two firmographic fit points: employee count and industry. Then, it bucketed companies into Low, Medium, and High priority.

Fast-tracking ICP leads with smart scheduling

Make routing even faster: Let your ICP leads route themselves while they fill a lead form. As they enter their email address, Clearbit data qualifies them in the background. If they’re an ICP lead, the next thing they’ll see after they click Submit is a demo meeting scheduler — no waiting for an SDR to email them back.

You can customize the scheduler’s routing by showing an AE’s calendar if the lead is qualified, or an SDR if they’re semi-qualified.

Gong used Chili Piper Concierge and Clearbit to help qualified leads automatically book a meeting, increasing qualified demo requests 5x.

Real-time data enrichment

Create, complete, and correct your records with Clearbit’s B2B database. Clearbit provides 100+ firmographic, employee, and technographic attributes on 48 million+ companies and 360 million+ business contacts. As soon as a change is detected, records refresh automatically.

With APIs and modern webhooks, Clearbit integrates with your tools. It can also optionally correct data entry mistakes your prospects make when filling out forms.

Enriched data lets you align all teams around one source of truth, segment your audience with confidence, and stop wasting time on manual data entry. It also gives sales reps all the background intel needed for a good conversation with a lead, saving time on manual research.

Segment's sales team saved 15 hours/week on manual research with Clearbit Enrichment.

With Clearbit data flowing through all the apps in your marketing stack, from RevOps systems to web properties to acquisition touchpoints, you can unite your tools to focus on the same ICP. This creates a coordinated GTM effort around ICP leads who are already interested in you, increasing sales while saving budget.

The Standard in B2B Data

Now reinvented with Artificial Intelligence—Clearbit is the first AI Native Data Provider. Enrich your records, reveal buying intent, and connect with your ideal customers.