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How Livestorm captures 200 extra leads per month with shorter forms

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Use cases

Form Optimization

Gilles Bertaux and his co-founders created Livestorm so they’d never have to download antiquated webinar software again. They also wanted beautiful design, modern analytics, and built-in marketing automation integrations like Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Drift.

So they built a browser-based webinar tool that makes it easy for people to attend sales demos, customer trainings, webcasts, and more—and gives the host powerful insights about who’s engaging and how to follow up.

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Livestorm is a master at reducing product friction for high conversions. “Livestorm’s UX gives our customers the best webinar registration conversion rates,” says Gilles. “The more participants our customers get, the more sales opportunities they find.”

Without Clearbit, we’d be missing out on leads every month.

Gilles Bertaux
Gilles BertauxCo-Founder & CEO, Livestorm

The signup form bottleneck

Livestorm wanted to improve conversions on their own free trial signup form to capture more leads from their website. “We were seeing a 60% drop-off rate for the form,” Gilles recalls. Less than half of site visitors who clicked a “Try for free” button actually finished the signup and made it onto the Livestorm sales team’s radar.

livestorm form

This signup form collected data to help identify promising leads, but there were a lot of fields to complete, and it slowed people down. They had to fill out seven pieces of information about their job and company: First Name, Last Name, Email, Job Title, Company Name, Industry, and Company Size.

livestorm team

Form shortening

The team looked for a way to shorten the signup form without losing valuable background data. “We realized we could use Clearbit to get lead information and remove some form fields,” says Gilles.

They implemented Clearbit Forms, which uses email addresses to look up a lead’s business information, which is then available to Gilles and the sales team on the backend.

This allowed Livestorm to cut three fields from the form altogether: job title, industry, and company size. And the form auto-filled the remaining three fields (first name, last name, and company name) as soon as the lead typed in their business email address. “We get the rest of a customer’s information from Clearbit,” says Gilles.

This left just one field for manual entry in the form, down from seven.

livestorm form with clearbit

Clearbit is amazing because it lets you remove or autofill unnecessary form fields for better conversions. In the end, conversions are what matter.

Gilles Bertaux
Gilles BertauxCo-Founder & CEO, Livestorm

More leads, more data

After streamlining the form, completion rates improved from 40% to 60%.

“Without Clearbit, Livestorm wouldn’t be getting as many signups,” says Gilles. “We’d easily be missing around 150 to 200 leads each month.”

Once a lead’s Clearbit data is in their system, Livestorm can push it into downstream tools like Intercom, Pipedrive, and, to convert free trial users into paying customers.

Whenever a friend of mine wants to start a company,” Gilles says, “the first thing I tell them is 'this': implement Clearbit as soon as you can.

Gilles Bertaux
Gilles BertauxCo-Founder & CEO, Livestorm

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