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Radar books $1M in pipeline with Clearbit Alerts

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Account Prioritization, Visitor Insights

Radar's Director of Marketing, Ryan Narod, wanted to turn more website visits into meetings.

Radar helps developers build location-aware apps, powering location-based experiences for companies like Burger King, RetailMeNot, and Recently, the company raised a $20M Series B round to continue growing.

Marketing creates content, ads, and other campaigns to attract businesses to Radar’s website, but what happens after that? In the past, leads would fill out a form and wait for a rep to get in touch, and even small delays could cost meetings and new deals. And if site visitors bounced, the sales team would miss out on working these unannounced opportunities.

Ryan began using Clearbit Alerts to notify reps the moment a target account is on the site — when interest and purchase intent are highest. Reps now reach out when the proverbial iron is hot, which is how they increased meeting bookings and generated $1 million more in pipeline.

We're serving ads, people are hitting our site and reading our content, and Clearbit Alerts is the mechanism by which we're able to pull them over the line to generate meetings and opportunities.

Ryan Narod
Ryan NarodDirector of Marketing, Radar

Result: more high-value opportunities

Before using Clearbit Alerts, getting back to a lead within an hour of form submission was considered good. Now, Radar's speed to lead is a matter of minutes of an account hitting the site.

Here’s how: Ryan defines who will trigger notifications, based on pageview, Salesforce, and firmographic data. Alerts go out in real-time in Slack (or in other formats like email digests), with information about the company, what page they're on, and recent pageview history.

Clearbit Alert sample segment Example segment for a Clearbit Alert

"We're able to put the customer first," Ryan says. No important accounts slip through the cracks, as reps can reach out much faster. They can then tailor their conversation to be more relevant from the start, based on what the account saw, like the pricing page, features overview, or technical documentation.

He reports: "We generated 10 opportunities and 1M in pipeline as a result of our ability to see an account on our site with Clearbit, reach out at exactly the right time, and book a meeting. These visitors were browsing, which we took as a signal of intent and acted on right away. They may have never filled out a form, and if we reached out to them a day or two later, we would have missed the boat." Team

Making intent data more actionable

Using Clearbit felt different from the previous intent alert tool Radar had used, which notified the team that, say, "these seven accounts are showing an upswing in activity" but didn’t tell them much about that activity. Ryan says, "I didn't like the black box nature of it," whereas he is able to control the rules for Clearbit Alerts on why notifications happen and how.

He can define dynamic segments and what conditions prompt the alerts (such as 'net-new accounts who visit the pricing page twice in the past seven days'). Then, he can further make them immediately actionable by customizing how and what's delivered, including which Slack channels to send them into and what data to include in the message.

Ryan set up Clearbit Alerts in a public channel, where everyone at Radar can see what's happening, react, and contribute (while at-mentioning the right rep to notify them). As Ryan says, "It feels like a live ticker. Everyone gets really excited, not just the tagged account owner. The sales team is addicted, and our leadership team is in that Slack channel all day, reacting with emojis to every Clearbit alert."

Clearbit alert example notifying team of new account viewing scheduling page

Amidst the celebratory emojis, the alerts provide a new collaboration point for everyone — not just the assigned rep — to help convert that customer. If they’ve just launched a new landing page or published a blog post, everyone can see its effect on traffic and work together to capture the interest it drives.

"It's a really elegant way to get all hands on deck," comments Ryan. "There's dialogue that happens with Alerts, because everyone sees them. Maybe someone will say, 'Oh, I know someone at this company that's visiting. I can make an intro,' or, 'I spoke to them last year — let me loop you in on a thread.'"

Connecting marketing efforts to pipeline and revenue

Clearbit Alerts also provide a visible through-line for marketing and sales. Marketing can more easily connect their efforts to down-funnel events and work with sales in a way that isn't possible when leads get lost in a tangle of signup forms, databases, and inboxes.

Content, ads, and direct response campaigns get visitors to browse the website. This provides context and prospects for the sales team as they grab the baton to generate meetings and opportunities. And if a marketing campaign drives a target account to visit a landing page but there's no conversion, reps can jump into action.

Alerts also help Radar understand what kind of engagement their sales outreach is driving. Previously, they focused on tracking how many outbound emails were opened. Now, sales can dig deeper into what content people at their accounts consume as a direct result of their emails.

"Clearbit made our sales team more effective," Ryan points out. "And as a marketer, it lets me talk in dollars and cents instead of just clicks and open rates. Within a week of a blog post going live, I can talk about how much revenue it generated,'" Ryan notes. "Companies don’t talk about blog posts directly driving pipeline, not because it’s hard to attribute but because nobody’s pulling readers across the line right away."

Clearbit Alerts enables the whole company to see which marketing campaigns have been working and enables sales to identify and close more high-value deals by pouncing on purchase intent. Ryan concludes, "Clearbit has transformed how we do sales and marketing."


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