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How Heap prioritizes leads with firmographic data in Salesforce

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Lead Scoring & Routing, Data Enrichment

Heap builds data analytics infrastructure to help B2C and B2B companies drive conversions. And since Heap uses their own magic, their website generates tons of inbound leads.

Nick Erdenberger, Heap’s Director of Revenue Operations and Analytics, is in charge of keeping the lean sales team focused on the highest-potential accounts. They use Clearbit, integrated in Salesforce, to automatically prioritize accounts based on firmographic data.

Reps save valuable time, picking up the best leads from the system while having to do less research, relying on company information showing up directly in Salesforce. “I don't know what a pre-Clearbit world would look like,” says Nick.

But we can show you what it looks like post-Clearbit.

I don't know what a pre-Clearbit world would look like.

Nick Erdenberger
Nick ErdenbergerDirector of Rev Ops and Analytics, Heap

Qualify the best inbound leads and route them to sales

Charlie Liang, Heap’s Director of Demand Gen, explains how they’ve optimized to collect more inbound leads from its already-heavy web traffic.

“Many visitors are ready to try the product, so we don’t want to block them by making them fill out long forms,” says Charlie. They removed as many form fields as possible and use Clearbit to fill in that information on the backend. While this gets more folks through the door, they don’t all need sales attention. “Anyone can fill out a sales contact form,” Nick points out. “Even a two-person company.”

So they use automated logic and Clearbit firmographic data in Salesforce to sort incoming leads into high/medium/low priority buckets according to their ideal target profiles.

For example, companies with just 10 employees aren’t in Heap’s main target area, so they go in a lower bucket. Or, if Clearbit identifies a lead’s industry to be SaaS, e-commerce, or finance, they get bumped to a higher bucket.

leads in sfdc

Then, high-priority leads get routed to an SDR, directing the sales team’s attention to what matters most.

heap team

Help SDRs and AEs select outbound accounts based on firmographic data

Heap also uses Clearbit firmographic data to guide their outbound account selection. SDRs can choose accounts from a pool: they might be working with 100 accounts at any given time, and have a number of possible trades each quarter.

Nick says, “We use a lot of Clearbit firmographic data to make that choice: Do I work this account or not?”

Give the sales team contextual data on leads directly in Salesforce

Heap’s AEs, SDRs, and account management team can see Clearbit data right in Salesforce, telling them everything they need to know when they have conversations with accounts.

Available information includes a company’s industry, size, and what technology they’re using through Clearbit tech tags. They can also see a contact’s title and seniority.

“It’s the simple ability to pull up a Salesforce record or mouse over an email address and quickly jump to the right profile,” says Charlie. “It saves a lot of time on lead research and gives the team a better hit rate. Even if it’s just two or three minutes per lead, that adds up.”

enriched sfdc record

This firmographic data is also visible in any Salesforce report, enabling better EOQ pipeline reporting and closed-lost analyses.

“Clearbit has a really good Salesforce integration,” says Nick. “I’ve managed many different data vendors and most of them have sub-par integrations that create problems when they write to the record. Clearbit is really easy to use and it respects all Salesforce development rules.”

For the sales team, Clearbit supercharges Salesforce. It saves them time, preps them for conversations, and best of all, it simplifies their popularity problem.

Clearbit has a really good Salesforce integration. It’s easy to use and respects all Salesforce development rules.

Nick Erdenberger
Nick ErdenbergerDirector of Revenue Operations and Analytics, Heap


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