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How Ada generated $2M in pipeline in 5 months with Clearbit

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Form Optimization, Data Enrichment, Lead Scoring & Routing, Advanced Personalization

Ada’s brand interaction platform empowers brands to deliver VIP experiences to every customer on the web, in-app, SMS, social channels, and more. With Ada, you can automate your most valuable conversations with customers to save costs and grow revenue. Ada works with both digital-first and traditional enterprises like Zoom, Shopify, AirAsia, and more.

Arif Jaffer, Automated Brand Interaction Specialist, has the (meta) job of designing bot experiences at Ada. He oversees the implementation of “Ada for Ada”, focusing the majority of his time on optimizing their website bot. He is responsible for increasing conversion rates and driving pipeline through cohesive and personalized buyer experiences.

Powered by the mission to treat everyone like a VIP, Arif and the Ada team knew that their website bot experience needed to deliver a personalized buyer journey that also drives revenue.

“We want everyone to have a VIP and personalized experience throughout their interactions with Ada - from the moment they land on our website all the way through to demo and sign up” says Arif.

To deliver a better buyer experience, Arif saw an opportunity to reduce the number of inputs required from prospects in their bot flows.

Looking for ways to reduce friction in the buyer journey

Originally, the Ada bot required prospects to manually fill in seven form fields. Prospects were asked to share information like company name, company size, and job title, and answer qualifying questions.

Having seven fields created friction in the buyer journey. Arif and the team received feedback from website visitors that the experience was frustrating and lengthy, which led to high bounce rates.

As Arif says, “When people interact with a bot, they expect a fast and easy process.”

Relying on prospects to input information like company name and job title also meant there was more room for inaccurate and missing data, which had downstream implications on lead routing, scoring, and website personalization.

While tedious for the prospect, the existing seven fields were necessary for the Ada team to qualify, score, and route prospects as well as create personalized buying journeys. Arif needed to find a way to capture essential information while minimizing input required from website visitors.

Creating a seamless buyer journey

Realizing the need to shorten the bot form while still capturing critical information, Arif turned to Clearbit.

Using Clearbit, Arif and the Ada team decreased the number of inputs required from a prospect from seven fields to just four. Clearbit enabled Arif to shorten Ada’s bot flows by appending 100+ attributes (like job title, industry, location, and more) to every submission.

With fewer inputs required from the prospect, the Ada bot can ask more qualifying questions instead, like “How many customer experience agents do you have?” and “How many customer interactions are you handling per month?” Out of the four fields, three are qualifying questions used to improve lead handoff. Now prospects just have to enter their email address and Clearbit does the rest.

The shortened flows have created a smoother buyer experience. Rather than having to fill out a lengthy form just to request a demo, prospects are able to breeze through the process, and the conversational answers they provide to the qualifying questions lead to more tailored sales and marketing interactions.

More qualified leads with more context

Asking qualifying questions has also enabled marketing to send better-fit leads to the sales team. For example, asking prospects how many interactions they see in a month is a factor in their lead scoring model and helps determine the priority of the prospect. Prospects with a low lead score are nurtured by the XDR team, while prospects with a high lead score are able to book time directly with an Account Executive.

“This change has strengthened our relationship with sales,” says Arif. The sales team now receives higher quality leads with more context, enabling them to craft personalized outreach. Having Clearbit data automatically appended to the lead or contact record ensures that the information is accurate and up-to-date. “There was once a time when XDRs wouldn’t even receive job titles,” says Arif. Now they receive fresh, accurate, and extensive data.

After introducing Clearbit, the Ada team has seen an increase in conversions in their bot leading to over $2M in pipeline in 5 months.

“By asking stronger questions, more qualified leads go to sales, sales is more content with the leads, and we have better and richer information — all because Clearbit helped us get rid of the grunt work,” shares Arif.

Building a better buyer experience

With optimized bot flows, Arif has been able to focus his time on creating more personalized web experiences for key customer segments.

He created different journeys to speak to the individual needs and pain points of each segment. For example, if Clearbit identifies the prospect is in SaaS, the bot will promote Ada’s success story with Zoom. Arif also displays relevant customer stories and resources based on the prospect’s tech stack.

“It’s very subtle changes for each person, but it’s enough to signal to prospects that this was built for them,” shares Arif.

As Ada continues to grow, the team is exploring how they can use the information across the site to create the best buyer experience possible.


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