Launching Super Tags!

Accurate company categorization is a crucial part of the data we provide, and we've built up some incredible tech over this last year to automatically categorize companies by applying a neural net algorithm to their websites. This gets us the kind of coverage that would be impossible to achieve with a manual approach, and the result are impressive.

Tags from our slack integration

Today I'd like to announce a new addition to our categorization - a high level set of tags we've dubbed super tags. While the existing tags we provide help for granular segmentation, we've had lots of customers ask us for more generic tags that can apply to any company.

As before, we spent a few weeks manually training up a neural net and then backfilling all of our existing companies. Today, if you make a request to our company Enrichment API, you'll see the new tags:

  • Mobile - iOS/Android app sites, or companies with a major focus on mobile apps like Uber, Foursquare etc.

  • Marketplace - companies that are predominately marketplaces, like Pinterest or Ebay.

  • B2B - companies that sell to other businesses

  • B2C - companies that sell to consumers. Note that some companies are tagged with both B2B and B2C

  • Enterprise - companies that sell to enterprises (e.g Oracle)

  • E-Commerce - companies with online stores. (e.g. Amazon)

  • SAAS - companies that sell subscription hosted software, e.g. Segment

  • ISP - an Internet service provider, like Comcast

Any feature development we do comes directly from working closely with our customers (in this case, Segment). If you have suggestions or feature requests please feel free to ping us and we can make them happen!