How Deel generated 33% more pipeline with Clearbit Capture

How Deel generated 33% more pipeline with Clearbit Capture

May 25, 2023

Deel is on a mission to simplify global team management, payroll, immigration and HR systems so businesses can hire faster, streamline people processes, and stay compliant. Over 15,000 companies across the world like Shopify, Notion, and Dropbox rely on Deel to hire and manage global teams.

Mollie Bodensteiner, Director of Revenue Operations at Deel, oversees marketing, sales development, and partner operations. “My role is to operationalize revenue generating activities while reducing administrative time,” shares Mollie.

While her position encompasses many different activities, her focus is on improving and accelerating pipeline operations. With an SDR team of over 200 globally, Mollie is constantly thinking about how she can help the sales team efficiently source and prioritize the accounts that are most likely to convert.

Finding a needle in a haystack  

Deel has an extremely broad Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Any organization looking to hire globally, from SMBs to enterprise corporations, can benefit from Deel’s offerings. Having a wide-ranging ICP means there is a lot of opportunity to acquire potential customers. However, targeting a broad audience also makes it difficult to prioritize outreach to the right contacts at the right companies at the right time.

A tedious prospecting process leads to pipeline inefficiencies

Originally, the SDR team at Deel was relying on LinkedIn and other manual strategies for their prospecting efforts.

After finding the right accounts and contacts, SDRs would conduct their outreach using sequences based on persona and industry, adding a level of personalization where possible.

This approach was manual, time-consuming, and included a lot of guesswork. “Prospecting is generally not a very efficient process,” says Mollie. Even when SDRs found the right prospects, it was unclear whether it was the right time to reach out.

To help the team prospect more efficiently, generate more pipeline, and provide the best buyer experience, Mollie looked to their current tech stack.

An opportunity to identify and capture covert intent

Mollie knew that the sales team needed to be working viable accounts that were more likely to convert. She and her team were already using Clearbit for advertising when they learned about Clearbit Capture. After conducting her own research and speaking with the Clearbit team, Mollie saw a huge opportunity to help sales generate pipeline more efficiently.

Using Clearbit’s IP intelligence, Mollie built an audience to identify ICP accounts visiting the Deel site that were not already in their Salesforce instance. She found a large number of qualified companies demonstrating covert intent that weren’t in their CRM.

“I realized there were thousands of quality accounts on our website not in Salesforce, and that those are probably good accounts to target,” says Mollie. “Identifying accounts not in Salesforce is a hugely impactful value Clearbit provides,” she continues. With a large volume of untapped accounts, Mollie saw an opportunity to help sales conduct more efficient and relevant outreach.

Finding the right accounts showing interest was the first step, but SDRs still needed a way to quickly identify who at those accounts to reach out to. Using Clearbit Capture Mollie and the team are able to automatically add key buyer contacts from accounts showing intent on Deel’s website to Salesforce.

Intent-based outreach in action

With Capture working for the Deel team, they now have a robust, well-oiled intent-based outreach strategy in place. This enables the team to reach out to the right contacts at the right companies at the right time.

When the team identifies anonymous ICP accounts showing intent on the Deel website, they are able to use Capture to automatically add key buyer contacts (using Clearbit’s database of over 350 million contacts) to Salesforce. These contacts are then routed to the SDR team.

Next, a Slack notification is sent to the appropriate SDR, alerting them that a new high-value account is ready to prospect. The SDR then conducts their outreach with a highly personalized message based on the pages viewed. For example, Deel has location specific pages like “Hire in Canada'' so knowing a visitor viewed one of these pages helps sales reps tailor their conversations.

The team also utilizes this strategy to help other client-facing teams generate more pipeline and ultimately, revenue. Account executives move deals forward by using intel from website intent to better steer their conversations. Account managers are able to identify when customers are on the Deel site and personalize their outreach to increase the chances of cross-sell and upsell.

More pipeline and more time back in the day

With their intent-based outreach strategy in place, the Deel team is able to prospect more efficiently. They’ve generated 33% more pipeline from accounts already showing intent and are able to deliver a more personalized buyer experience. And, the improvements in prospecting efficiency have had positive effects on Mollie’s role as well. Rather than helping the team to manually add accounts and contacts to Salesforce, she can leave that work to Clearbit, giving her more time to work on other high-priority operations initiatives.

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