Enabling a Flawless, Personalized Sales Call

Enabling a Flawless, Personalized Sales Call


41 minutes

Logan and Jenn Steele from Reprise will discuss how Marketing can help arm sales with all the lead & account data they need to prepare a productive sales call, while revealing secrets for nailing the demo.

Speaker Info

Logan Toskey, Senior Sales Manager at Clearbit Logan is a driven sales leader at Clearbit, currently growing the Enterprise team. His passion for connecting buyers with helpful solutions bleeds through everything he does and competes only with developing sales talent.

Jenn Steele, VP of Marketing at Reprise With past experience at HubSpot, Bizible, Amazon, and more, Jenn currently leads Marketing at Reprise. She approaches Marketing with a deep understanding of Sales from her time as a CRO, dubbing herself a 'Go-to-Market Fanatic'.

Key Takeaways

  • Your buyer is not your user -- make sure you determine who you're taking to, adjust your messaging appropriately, and get the buyer involved.
  • Marketing content can do double-duty to inform Sales what the target audience cares about and how they talk about it.
  • Marketing teams should measure success based on pipeline -- anything above that doesn't indicate actual business success, and closed revenue has too long of a cycle.
  • Marketing and sales goals and results should never be framed as 'competing' metrics.
  • One of the most important questions to answer during preparation is "How does this account make money?" -- it will help you frame the pitch in a way that emphasizes the ROI your solution offers.
  • Also, understand your prospect's responsibilities and tenure, plus the account's buying process and competitors.
  • Personalize your demo as much as possible, but make sure you triple-check all personalization points!

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