Surfacing Intent for Timely Sales Engagement

Surfacing Intent for Timely Sales Engagement

MAY 31

49 minutes

Timeliness is one of the biggest factors in a successful outbound motion, but one of the hardest to accurately measure at scale. However, with a systematic approach and the right tools, it's possible to reveal intent signals and surface them to Sales in real-time.

Speaker Info

Nick Wentz, VP of Marketing at Clearbit Nick has over a decade of marketing experience, focusing in demand generation and growth marketing. Joining Clearbit in the early days, he now orchestrates a growing marketing team to deliver on strategic goals and partner closely with sales.

Matthew Ferriss, Senior Director of Enterprise Sales at Bombora Matthew is an experienced sales leader at Bombora, leading his team through the enterprise segment. With a rich history of selling marketing & sales data solutions, Matthew understands the importance of sales teams utilizing that data to make connections and close deals.

Key Takeaways

  • Intent data gives you an inside look into prospects’ buying signals, whether obvious or subtle, so you can position your product to be the best option.
  • Third-party intent data, or external intent data, is data that is not readily available in your own systems. It allows you to reveal audiences who are in-market but not currently engaging with your company.
  • IP identification solutions like Clearbit can recognize an IP address on your website and associate that with a company domain.
  • Timeliness is one of the biggest factors in outbound sales because you can reach out to provide information about something you know they were thinking about recently.
  • Remember that intent is dynamic — it changes over the course of a buyer’s journey.

The Standard in B2B Data

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