Creating Offers that Drive Next Steps with Sales

Creating Offers that Drive Next Steps with Sales

MAY 19

18 minutes

JT and Saksham from Outgrow will discuss the value of interactive marketing offers and show you detailed examples of how to turn them into pipeline-producing sales motions.

Speaker Info

Justin Tsang, Growth Product Manager at Clearbit Justin (better known as JT) has over a decade of experience driving growth via acquisition, retention and monetization marketing. He currently oversees the development and launch of free growth tools at Clearbit.

Saksham Sharda, Creative Director & CIO at Outgrow Saksham specialises in marketing and web development, particularly in relation to interactivity and data science. Some of his interactive experiences have been featured on TrendHunter, ProductHunt, New York Marketing Association, Alibaba, TechCrunch, and Digimarcon Silicon Valley. Saksham also hosts the Marketer of the Month podcast, with guests including the co-founders of Wikipedia, Forbes influencers, and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Key Takeaways

  • The 3 pillars of successful B2B offers are 1) prioritize UX, 2) stand out, and 3) follow through.
  • Interactive offers can help brands stand out by offering an expereince that is entertaining, personalized, or valuable.
  • HubSpot's Website Grader was one of the first popular interactive offers, and it is used as a high-traffic marketing resource as well as a high-converting sales tool.
  • Clearbit's Weekly Visitor Report provides users with a weekly, personalized report of companies visiting their website so they can take action on intent signals.
  • Both tools utilize all 3 pillars of a great B2B offer: they stand out from competing offers, they provide a simple, valuable experience, and they are paired with a strategic follow-up workflow.

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