Defining Your TAM, ICP, and Personas Together

Defining Your TAM, ICP, and Personas Together


29 minutes

Before Marketing & Sales teams can effectively go to market together, they need to agree on what makes a lead qualified or not. And it all begins with a shared development of TAM, ICP, and Personas. Tune in to learn how to get Marketing & Sales on the same page about audience targeting.

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Kevin Tate, Chief Revenue Officer at Clearbit In 25 years of helping companies apply data to improve their business, Kevin Tate’s experience spans industries from eCommerce and Social Media to Workforce Productivity and IoT automation. Today, he leads Clearbit’s go-to-market strategy as Chief Revenue Officer.

Key Takeaways

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM) is useful if you're trying to assess the total market potential for a new product or service. It's a simple calculation: Total # of potential customers * Annual Contract Value (ACV) = TAM
  • You can reverse-engineer your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by defining your success criteria, looking at historical data, and analyzing your customer base for shared traits to create a silhouette of your best opportunities.
  • Many companies find that a small % of their leads are driving a large % of their revenue, which illustrates the importance of focusing marketing and sales activities on those leads.
  • Companies should consistently review their ICP, as it will change as the business changes and adds more customers.
  • Marketers can use these definitions to only target qualified leads, prioritize engaged accounts, and score leads at a granular level.


Here at Clearbit, we actually *only* focus on the ICP leads that are coming in to our funnel and measure the outcomes around those. It really helps focus the marketing and sales alignment and effort at every step of the buyer journey.

Kevin Tate
Kevin TateChief Revenue Officer, Clearbit

Make ICP not just a lens through which to understand your business but actually change the way your business operates.

Kevin Tate
Kevin TateChief Revenue Officer, Clearbit

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