Marketing Sells

Learn effective Marketing tactics that directly (and indirectly) help Sales close more deals.

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Marketing 🤝 Sales

Marketing and Sales success metrics have never been more aligned. But while these teams drive toward revenue together, the tactics that enable it are...let's just say, a work in progress. Marketing Sells is a limited series by Clearbit that explores marketing tactics to drive impact for sales, featuring juicy insight from some of the best in B2B SaaS.


Marketing Sells Episode 1 thumbnail

Defining Your TAM, ICP, and Personas Together

Before Marketing & Sales teams can effectively go to market together, they need to agree on what makes a lead qualified or not. And it all begins with a shared development of TAM, ICP, and Personas. Tune in to learn how to get Marketing & Sales on the same page about audience targeting.

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Marketing Sells Episode 2 thumbnail

Setting Goals, Measuring Results, and Predicting Revenue Together

If Marketing and Sales aren't driving toward similar end-goals, it's not a matter of 'if' go-to-market alignment will start to suffer, it's a matter of 'when.' Tune in to learn how Marketing and Sales should work together to establish goals that prioritize revenue-driven outcomes.

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MAY 10

Establishing SLAs and Handoffs for Speed to Lead

Plenty of research has proven the faster you respond to a lead, the more likely you are to qualify that lead and convert them into a paying customer. However, many B2B companies lack the framework for accountability, and the cross-departmental communication to make speed to lead a priority. Learn how to upend this and get that response time under 5 minutes.

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Marketing Sells Episode 4 thumbnail
MAY 19

Creating Offers that Drive Next Steps with Sales

JT and Saksham from Outgrow will discuss the value of interactive marketing offers and show you detailed examples of how to turn them into pipeline-producing sales motions.

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Matt Bombora series thumbnail
MAY 31

Surfacing Intent for Timely Sales Engagement

Timeliness is one of the biggest factors in a successful outbound motion, but one of the hardest to accurately measure at scale. However, with a systematic approach and the right tools, it's possible to reveal intent signals and surface them to Sales in real-time.

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Strobel Vidyard series thumbnail

Humanizing Marketing & Sales Outreach

The modern-day prospect's inbox can be a scary place -- inundated with stale sales emails (and regular emails!), this channel doesn't have a very positive reputation, no matter how free it is. Tune in to hear how Clearbit and Vidyard are breaking through by humanizing their marketing & sales outreach.

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Marketing Sells Episode 7 thumbnail

Enabling a Flawless, Personalized Sales Call

Logan and Jenn Steele from Reprise will discuss how Marketing can help arm sales with all the lead & account data they need to prepare a productive sales call, while revealing secrets for nailing the demo.

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Marketing Sells Episode 8 thumbnail

Accelerating Deals with Targeted Marketing Tactics

Gone are the days of Marketing handing over a lead to Sales and wiping their hands clean of it. With more goals tied to pipeline and revenue, Marketing leaders need to identify opportunities to help Sales hurry the sales cycle. Colin and Nick from Alyce will discuss several late-stage tactics they use to help Sales close more deals.

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