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How the team built and launched a product in just 7 days

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Assembly is an amazing community of people building digital products together. Anyone can contribute, just like open source, but all contributions are rewarded with an ownership stake that translates to a portion of future profit. Some products on Assembly make tens of thousands of dollars a month for the community, and new ideas are brought into reality every day.

The Challenge

Never the team to shy away from a challenge, the folks at Assembly decided to attempt something a little crazy; they decided to ship a SaaS MVP in 7 days. The idea was SignupSumo, an app that notifies you every time someone influential signs up on your website.

They announced their plans to the community, and by the end of the first day they already had a team of 5 contributors hacking away. At the core of the product was a difficult challenge - how to pull enough meaningful data from just an email address to determine whether the person behind it is influential. Even more challenging - how to do it in only 7 days.

The Solution

The newly assembled SignupSumo team decided to turn to Clearbit, integrating our API to drive the product. Within a few minutes, they were able to turn any email address into an array of data, including everything from Twitter followers to employee count. After writing a quick algorithm to build an influencer score around the data, they were off to the races.

The Result

In one short week, the contributors of Assembly were able to bring SignupSumo to market (they even wrote a blog post about it). The complex task of enriching lead data became trivial and they were able to focus their efforts on making the product a success. They had only 2 customers at launch, but within a few weeks, hundreds of people were using SignupSumo to vet inbound leads and increase their sales.

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Used Clearbit as core component of influencer rating product
Launched a complex product now used by hundreds of companies in just 7 days

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