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Marketing & Growth

How to find the right keywords for your content strategy: Lessons from a B2B SEO consultant

Marketing & Growthby Trevor Sookraj on September 18, 2017

In search engine optimization, you get out what you put in. Real rises in search traffic and higher positions in organic the SERP require dedication to a strategy. According to Bernard Huang, founder of Mushi Labs, where he's been an SEO consultant for dozens of high-growth companies, a lot of teams are skeptical about SEO. They've dabbled, but they haven't committed to a plan or seen real results. Bernard developed a playbook specifically for this reason—to help companies get the full value o

How AdRoll drives 97% customer retention by helping customers outside the app

Marketing & Growthby Trevor Sookraj on September 13, 2017

When you're a small company, you have the time and personal relationships to be creative about customer retention. You can chat with new customers directly about their progress and what they want from your product. This gets harder as you grow your customer base, but it remains just as important to retain your existing customers []. It's just as necessary to show that you're invested in the success of customers, but you don't have the

How to Measure your Account Based Marketing Reach

Marketing & Growthby Joel Burke on June 20, 2017

A guest post by Joel Burke, Partner and Analytics Lead @ Outshine At Outshine, we help B2B companies build and optimize their marketing automation, advertising , and analytics stack. Increasingly, this has involved optimizing the acquisition and conversion funnel around a defined set of target accounts – Account Based Marketing (ABM). One of the biggest challenges our clients face with ABM, is tracking and reporting on their marketing initiatives. * What channel is driving the most engagemen

How to Avoid Ruining Your Domain Sender Score

Marketing & Growthby Mike Heller on April 25, 2017

Email is one of the most effective marketing communication channels. $1 invested in email returns an average of $38 in revenue []. For sales teams, the importance is even more explicit. A single, well-crafted email can mean thousands of dollars in potential revenue from a single customer. Therefore it is critical that this channel to your customers and potential customers remains open. A low domain sender score will ruin

Avoid Tedious Signup Forms With Auth0 and Clearbit

Marketing & Growthby Diego Poza on April 25, 2017

A guest post by Diego Poza [], Head of Content @ Auth0 TL;DR Integrating Auth0 and Clearbit can make the signup process as smooth as possible. In this article, we will see how to combine these amazing solutions to automate signup forms, which can lead to improved conversion rates. Introduction Signup forms play a major role on conversion rates, for better or worse. We don't want to ask for too much information upfront, otherwise we will add friction and reduce the

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