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The unfair advantage of data and automation

Salesby Trevor Sookraj on May 25, 2018

Data, personalization, and automation have long been terms most commonly used by enterprise or tech companies. Until recently, it was incredibly rare to find smaller teams that were able to leverage data as effectively as more resource-rich companies. Today, we’ll look at two small (but mighty) companies who have tackled some of their hardest scaling problems by combining data and automation. Specifically, we’ll look at how they are leveraging Clearbit Enrichment [

How to improve your outbound ABM performance with the Reveal Loop (via Plainflow)

Marketing & Growthby Leonardo Federico on April 26, 2018

Guest post by Leonardo Federico, Founder at Plainflow [] Data – especially if it can tell us anything about the habits and preferences of our customers and targets – offers a world of opportunity. But only if we can harness it. The explosion of data has lead some of the best marketing teams to flip their funnels upside down and directly target the people and companies most likely to buy their products. This is known as Account Based Marketing (ABM), and can only work

The definitive guide to IP based B2B website personalization

Marketing & Growthby Mike Heller on April 19, 2018

Website personalization for B2B buyers is a highly effective [] way to improve conversion rates, sales leads, content consumption, and more. But it’s tough to personalize for the 98% of B2B website traffic [] that’s anonymous. Clearbit Reveal lets you see who’s coming to your website and gives you rich firmographic data on which to base your s

Clearbit for Marketo

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on April 11, 2018

Adding Enrichment data to Marketo gives you over 85 new data points on every lead. Data that can be used for everything from increasing form conversion, providing better leads to sales, writing highly personalized emails at scale, and even knowing when your buyer changes jobs.

5 steps to improve your advertising and retargeting ROI

Marketing & Growthby Andrew Breen on December 06, 2017

Guest post by Andrew Breen, President at Outshine []. The most useful thing I've learned over my career is that a brands’ data is the shortest and best path to better marketing results. Companies that have superior data have a competitive advantage. Easy to say, hard to do. Building up that database from events, partners, social media, and webinar attendee lists takes sweat, blood, and time. However, companies like Clearbit can help augment your existing data, bringing you c

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