Customer stories

Customer stories

How Gong improved form conversion by 70% and fast-tracks ideal leads

Customer storiesby Gaines Murfee on May 30, 2019

Gong was doing what most SaaS companies do: they made prospects who wanted a demo fill out a long form and wait for an SDR to contact them in order to move forward. Find out how Director of Marketing Automation at Gong, Noa Farber improved the experience using Clearbit and Chili Piper.

How Proposify improved sales ops to scale and enable their team

Partnersby Emily Stephen on March 21, 2019

Patrick Edmonds, CMO at Proposify, knew his growing sales team couldn't continue losing time manually processing hundreds of leads very day. A partnership with Outshine revamped Proposify's tech stack to automate and identify the leads that fit their ideal customer persona.

Guillaume Cabane on the secret to Mention's 54% increase in signup conversions

Customer storiesby Matt Sornson on February 24, 2016

As VP of Growth at Mention [], Guillaume Cabane’s job was distilled to two key performance indicators (KPIs): increase the number of signups, and increase the quality of inbound sales leads. One day, he came up with an afternoon experiment that he thought might improve both of these core KPIs simultaneously by leveraging the Clearbit Enrichment API. How did it go? “Integrating Clearbit was the biggest impact investment of anything we’ve done to date," he said. "It increase

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