An inside look at Clearbit’s ICP and lead scoring model

Companyby Mike Heller on January 16, 2019

Only focusing on hand-raises isn't a smart sales process. We weren't reaching out to the best leads and wasting time with bad fits. So we turned to our own Clearbit data to define an ideal customer profile and create an automated lead scoring model in Salesforce.

How I speed up lead research as an AE at Clearbit

Companyby Cliff Marg on January 09, 2019

As one of only three AE’s on Clearbit’s tiny sales team, we try to be as efficient as possible. I’ll share how we use Clearbit data in Salesforce to speed up our lead research process and personalize our first few emails and phone calls.

Announcing Clearbit’s Partner Program

Companyby Ashley Taylor on November 26, 2018

Clearbit has opened up a partner program (in beta) for service companies and tech platforms. Learn how to get involved.

How Clearbit built the Risk API and stopped spammy sign-ups

Companyby David Lumley on October 13, 2017

At Clearbit, we pride ourselves on making it possible for anyone to get started with our APIs and data within minutes. Part of this means we provide a free trial to users that sign up at A single trial account can't do anything particularly troublesome, but en-masse it's possible to create traffic and usage patterns we'd consider abusive at a free tier. Every night around 10 pm PST, a pattern of sign-ups were appearing that featured suspicious emails from disposable email provider

Monday's incident report

Companyby Harlow Ward on September 14, 2017

On Monday we experienced outages across all our services. The Clearbit APIs went from very slow, down, up, down, very slow, and then back up again for a good part of the day. For that, we’re extremely sorry. We understand that Clearbit plays a large role in many sales, marketing, and product processes and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused. Issue Summary Requests to the Clearbit APIs started responding with HTTP TIMEOUT errors. We were alerted of this quickly through our Runscope

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