Redesigning our signup form

Companyby Alex MacCaw on June 08, 2017

A few months ago we set out to redesign Clearbit's signup form [] from the ground up. Self-service is a key aspect of our business, so we wanted to make the registration process as painless as possible. We also wanted to use this as an opportunity to show off our own data and automatically pre-fill fields wherever we could. Step one, the basics It is universally acknowledged that the less fields in a form, the higher the conversion rate. So we decided to start out wit

Taking Stock

Companyby Alex MacCaw on March 09, 2017

We recently crossed two big milestones, 1000 customers and 100,000 daily active users across our products. While this is a significant moment for us, I have to admit to feeling a touch of nostalgia as I remember jumping for joy when our first customer signed up a little over two years ago. At the time the company consisted of me working out of my bedroom. When we added a sales team they made calls from the laundry room. Fast forward to today, and we have a team of 17 working out of a beautiful

Monday's incident report

Companyby Daniel Cadenas on February 27, 2017

On Friday morning at 7:40 am, we experienced a global outage across all services. Clearbit was down for approximately 29 minutes. For that, we’re extremely sorry. We understand that Clearbit plays a large role in many sales, marketing, and product processes and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused. Issue Summary From 7:41 AM to 8:10 AM PT, requests to Clearbit APIs resulted in unauthorized error response messages. The root cause of this outage was the incorrect setup of one of our d

Friday's outage

Companyby Alex MacCaw on September 13, 2016

On Friday afternoon, Clearbit was down for approximately 24 minutes, from 2:14pm to 2:38pm PDT. This is the longest outage that we've had in the past two years, and also the worst (given that every API was down). For that, we’re extremely sorry. We understand that Clearbit plays a big part of many sales & marketing processes and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused. We’d like to tell you what we understand about the outage and the steps we are taking to avoid a similar incident in t

Analytics at Clearbit: simple, flexible, scaleable

Companyby Luke Whiting on September 07, 2016

Problem Analytics are hard to get right – especially for complex business models (like API-first SaaS). Building a flexible analytics stack is typically a challenging, non-trivial project. Everyone wants accurate, comprehensive data that can be easily consumed by teams across the company, but getting there hasn’t always been easy. This often requires a team of data engineers to build, test, and monitor a custom ETL (extract, transform, load) pipeline that cleans, aggregates, and loads data from

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