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The Six Pillars of Clearbit – with The Twenty Minute VC

Company by Matt Sornson on

Alex, our CEO, sat down with Harry Stebbings of The 20 Minute VC to chat investors, management, feedback, and the six pillars behind Clearbit. Check out the episode here. We've reprinted the six pillars Alex's mentions below: The six pillars We believe that given the right conditions, 'work' can be  Read more

Defining Clearbit's company values

Company by Matt Sornson on

Values provide a constitution for your company culture, a true rubric that helps you hire, fire, promote, retain, and celebrate your team. Here's how Clearbit came up with its company values.  Read more

Clearbit's approach to management

Company by Alex MacCaw on

Last year, we set out on a mission to create the best-managed company in the world. As part of developing great management training at Clearbit, we created a Manager's Handbook. Here are the highlights.  Read more

Show, don't tell: automatically personalized content in collateral

Company Marketing & Growth by Brian Hemeryck on

Personalized visuals help us show, not tell, the benefits of our product. Learn how the growth team uses Clearbit to combine data and automation to create engaging collateral for customer-facing teams.  Read more

My first year at Clearbit: learning how to be remote and resourceful

Company by Brian Hemeryck on

Remote work can sound amazing or impossible, depending on who you talk to. Brian Hemeryck, a growth engineer at Clearbit, addressed the challenges of his first remote job and turned it into a year of continuous personal growth.  Read more