How CRM Enrichment Boosts Sales Reporting and Closes Deals Faster

Salesby Janet Choi on September 27, 2018

Sales rep get stuck with manual research and data entry before calls. Here's how Clearbit's CRM enrichment in Salesforce speeds up deals.

Building data into your sales team

Salesby Matt Sornson on August 21, 2018

84% of sales leaders say they rely on data, but only 2% claim to have a real grasp of it. So to help you turn data into your sales team's competitive advantage, we're sharing four practical ways to build effective, data-driven selling into the fabric of your company.

Building your Ideal Customer Profile through Enrichment

Featuresby Trevor Sookraj on August 09, 2018

SaaS growth is all about finding clones of your best customers. Find the right clones and you get growth. Find the wrong ones and you get churn, support costs, and struggle. If you have 10 customers in SaaS, you have something.

Job change alerts

Featuresby Alex MacCaw on June 28, 2018

Clearbit will now indicate when a contact is no longer at a company, and can notify your sales and customer success reps that a deal might be in jeopardy.

Personalized live chat for B2B SaaS

Salesby Matt Sornson on June 20, 2018

How to give your sales team more at bats with high-value site visitors Greeters welcome over one million customers [] per day at Apple Store doors around the world. The first touch is such an important part of the well-oiled Apple Store machine—which makes double the revenue per square foot than any other US retailer—that it inspired AT&

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