Marketing & Growth

Marketing & Growth

Reveal geolocation based on site visits

Featuresby Janet Choi on November 01, 2018

Clearbit Reveal already delivers company-level information for your site visitors. But people work and browse from plenty of places outside of their company headquarters. So **we now provide a visitor’s location data**, including city, state, and country.

How to Build a Competitive Marketing Email Campaign

Marketing & Growthby Janet Choi on October 26, 2018

Better, faster communication is core to a competitive marketing strategy. Find out how Zendesk created a data-driven competitive outbound campaign to reach potential customers with personalized first touches.

Building your Ideal Customer Profile through Enrichment

Featuresby Trevor Sookraj on August 09, 2018

SaaS growth is all about finding clones of your best customers. Find the right clones and you get growth. Find the wrong ones and you get churn, support costs, and struggle. If you have 10 customers in SaaS, you have something.

How to identify anonymous website visitors and personalize your retargeting

Marketing & Growthby Matt Sornson on June 18, 2018

Segmentation is a marketing basic. Most B2B companies spend a lot of time tailoring landing page copy, emails, ads, content, and phone calls—and proceed with extra care for high-value prospects. But this rarely extends to retargeting, where the most common approach is to just hit the switch and follow as many people around the internet as possible. Today we’ll show you how to properly retarget your high-value site visitors using segmented, personalized, and optimized ads that are more likely t

The unfair advantage of data and automation

Salesby Trevor Sookraj on May 25, 2018

Data, personalization, and automation have long been terms most commonly used by enterprise or tech companies. Until recently, it was incredibly rare to find smaller teams that were able to leverage data as effectively as more resource-rich companies. Today, we’ll look at two small (but mighty) companies who have tackled some of their hardest scaling problems by combining data and automation. Specifically, we’ll look at how they are leveraging Clearbit Enrichment [

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