Better lead management with estimated annual revenue and parent company

Salesby Alex MacCaw on February 20, 2018

Automating lead routing is a crucial task for Sales Ops. It's no coincidence that it's one of the most common use-cases for our Salesforce Enrichment integration []. Lead routing is typically based on location and employee count – the latter used as a proxy for company revenue. While both of these attributes are a staple part of the enrichment data we return, we thought it would be even more useful to go a step further and use our wealth of data to estimate revenu

Accurate sales forecasting

Salesby Matt Sornson on February 14, 2018

No company can perfectly predict how much revenue they will make in a given month, quarter or fiscal year just like no meteorologist can perfectly predict the weather. There are simply too many variables to consider. But perfection is not the goal. Forecasting is about getting close enough to make good decisions. So how do you start to forecast when there are so many moving parts? Neil Ryland, CRO at Peakon and previously at Huddle, found out the hard way when his team’s estimates were off by 4

Automating outbound sales: lead generation at scale

Salesby Andrew O'Neal on January 18, 2018

Let's face it, sales reps are always a bottleneck to consistent high-volume conversions. It's not their fault - they're only human after all. Even the best reps are limited to how many high-touch personalized emails they can send in a day. Sure, they can send automated impersonal emails at scale, but when was the last time you responded to one of those? For most companies, getting great response rates from automated outbound seems altogether unachievable. Luckily, modern sales orgs have found

Fixing your lead quality problem

Salesby Matt Sornson on November 21, 2017

You’ve done everything right for your company’s marketing strategy — there’s a great blog, social media campaigns and even a lead nurturing campaign. There are hundreds of thousands of visitors and you’re making money too, but you wind up finding yourself with thousands of bad leads. Creating quality leads, rather than just quantity, is an important part of your marketing strategy. You might have hundreds of thousands of inbound leads but from a distance, they all look the same. Those leads mi

How to measure data quality

Salesby Andrew O'Neal on November 02, 2017

We all want to have perfect and real-time data on our lead and account records. You can setup a proper data management system, have a high standard for data governance, and get the right data integrations, but the biggest roadblock will always be finding the right vendor. There are a myriad of data vendors out there - how do you evaluate which one is right for you? The initial challenge is determining what data points matter to you. Your team may rely heavily on location and employee count for

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