Get your data right where you need it: Xplenty and Clearbit

Get your data right where you need it: Xplenty and Clearbit

October 26, 2017

By Etai Coles, Head of Marketing at Xplenty.

Today's businesses have access to an incredible amount of data. Yet even with all that information, many don’t know how to use it or how to get that data into a place where they can use it effectively.

That's why I’m really excited about the Xplenty and Clearbit integration. You can get enriched customer and lead data synced across all your different sales and marketing tools.

Clearbit already does a great job of enriching your records with firmographic and demographic data - like job title, industry, and employee count. Yet it’s the application of that data throughout your processes which is going to get you the most value. With just a few clicks in Xplenty you can have Clearbit data rocking inside your analytics, CRM, data warehousing, marketing automation and more.

Here are some examples of how you can empower your processes.

#1 Fill in missing lead data

Let's say your business had a booth at an event and your sales team were able to speak with a number of leads. Many of them gave their contact information but some left important details blank, like their last name, phone number or job title. Now you have a problem. If sales and marketing can’t follow up a new lead effectively, it's going to decrease your conversion rates.

With Xplenty, you could quickly de-dupe and clean the lead list before passing the incomplete data to Clearbit. Clearbit will then look up the contact and fill in the data gaps before Xplenty pushes the enriched data to any downstream source you like. For example, you could send the data straight to your marketing automation for a post-event follow up email.

#2 Refresh your old CRM records

It’s hard to know if the records sitting in your CRM are accurate or out-of-date. More often than not, contacts and accounts are not updated on a regular basis which makes it harder to trust the information in your CRM. Inaccurate records can keep you from tracking customer interactions and can increase the risk of leads being included in irrelevant marketing or sales campaigns.

Xplenty and Clearbit can easily update the accounts and contacts in your CRM. Simply extract your records to your Clearbit destination and Xplenty will automatically update the information back your CRM. Voila. Your old data is refreshed and ready to use effectively.

#3 Build fully fleshed out profiles for analytics

Knowing the effectiveness of your marketing activities allows you to double down and optimize popular channels. Xplenty will push Clearbits 85+ data points into your data warehousing or analytics software, allowing you to cut and slice your customer base any way you see fit. For example, you could run reports on who your best (and worst) buyers are. Then you’ll know which industries or job titles to target for each channel what to do to engage them, massively increasing lead volume and conversion rates.

#4 Target leads with increased personalization

Xplenty and Clearbit are great for targeting specific types of leads. Xplenty allows you to clean and organize your data in a way that will help you focus on the most useful information available. Clearbit then injects data into the mix to step it up a notch - you can start to build some incredibly targeted lists based on combinations of attributes like job title, company size, company revenue and technology stack. This is a great way to make sure you get the right sales or marketing message in front of the relevant people.

With Clearbit and Xplenty, you can make the most out of your valuable customer and lead data. Use these tools to gain key insights and improve your long-term business strategies. For more information and to get started click here.

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