How to send outbound emails at the right time

Salesby Janet Choi on April 18, 2019

If you want to personalize outbound emails to drive results, you need a way to accurately target your audience. In this article, we'll cover how to send cold emails that drive results by using data to reach the right people and even find warmer leads for outbound at the right time.

How Proposify improved sales ops to scale and enable their team

Salesby Emily Stephen on March 21, 2019

Patrick Edmonds, CMO at Proposify, knew his growing sales team couldn't continue losing time manually processing hundreds of leads very day. A partnership with Outshine revamped Proposify's tech stack to automate and identify the leads that fit their ideal customer persona.

How to generate quality leads for outbound at scale

Salesby Janet Choi on March 15, 2019

One of the biggest challenges sales teams face isn't necessarily closing leads — it's finding more of them. We ran into this in the early days of Clearbit. A few years ago, we had a group of customers who'd come almost entirely from a healthy flow of inbound organic leads, but we hadn't cracked an outbound sales process just yet. So we decided to try something a little different: for every single inbound, unaffiliated lead that came in, we’d manually find and reach out to 10 similar companies.

Bridging the marketing-sales divide with data

Salesby Janet Choi on February 01, 2019

Sales and marketing teams should be on the same page but they often don't get along. We examine how to deal with the tension with a learning loop system based on contextual lead data. Get your sales and marketing teams in sync and help them both succeed, together.

An inside look at Clearbit’s ICP and lead scoring model

Companyby Mike Heller on January 16, 2019

Only focusing on hand-raises isn't a smart sales process. We weren't reaching out to the best leads and wasting time with bad fits. So we turned to our own Clearbit data to define an ideal customer profile and create an automated lead scoring model in Salesforce.

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